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What forces health insurance companies to raise rates?

Many factors cause the health insurance industry to raise their rates. Some of these factors include the overall age and health of the country’s population, advanced technology, and administrative costs associated with running the physical insurance company. You can use the free online tool above to compare health insurance quotes today by entering your zip! Along […]

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Should health insurance companies cover smokers?

Many Americans agree that health insurance companies should charge smokers higher rates than non-smokers because there are many dangers associated with cigarette smoking. Not only are there environmental issues to consider, but according to the data found by the American Cancer Society cigarette smoking is a major contributing factor to preventable lung and throat cancer. […]

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Are there any supplemental health insurance companies?

Several health insurance companies such as AARP will offer you a supplemental policy if you find yourself in need of additional medical coverage. This is especially true for senior citizens who may have restricted health insurance policies. Compare online health insurance rates now, just type your zip code into the box below. Traditional health insurance plans […]

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Do non profit health insurance companies exist?

Unbelievably, there are a large number of nonprofit health insurance companies covering millions of Americans across the country. This is despite the fact that insurance companies have been largely portrayed as evil, profit-driven businesses making untold amounts of money off the backs of American workers. Unfortunately, in the ongoing argument over individual health care coverage, […]

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Can small health insurance companies provide adequate coverage?

When it comes to providing adequate health care coverage small insurance companies can provide plans every bit as good as their larger competitors. That’s because it’s not about the size of the insurance company; it’s about the health. As long as premiums are being invested wisely to maximize returns, there’s no reason why a small […]

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Are there any health insurance companies for low income people?

Health insurance companies providing coverage for low income people do exist, although there aren’t many of them and they’re difficult to find. More often than not, low income individuals will apply for government-subsidized health insurance programs rather than search for insurance from a private carrier. We will address both of the scenarios in the following […]

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When should I look for long-term care health insurance companies?

If you think you might be interested in purchasing long-term care health insurance during your retirement years, you should begin looking for insurance companies in your late fifties or early sixties. Long-term care health insurance is still a young industry and evolves quite frequently. Beginning your investigation while you’re still relatively healthy will help you […]

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What are the major health insurance companies?

The major health insurance companies in the US include UnitedHealth, Kaiser, Wellpoint, Aetna, Humana, and various Blue Cross divisions. UnitedHealth is currently the largest. This article reviews the top few, and mentions all that appear in the top ten. United Health operates two major divisions. The first, UnitedHealthcare, administers health benefits through employer-based network programs, […]

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