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Are there health insurance programs for single moms?

Yes, there are health insurance programs for single moms. Many health insurance providers offer coverage options for single moms that wish to buy health insurance for themselves and their families outside of what may be offered by an employer. You can compare health insurance rates today by entering your ZIP in the box above now! […]

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Top 10 Health Insurance Companies  

U.S. states have a small range of health insurance companies to choose from, but which one is the best? What decides one health insurance company is better than another? There are over 30 licensed health insurance companies in most U.S. states. Each company has a diverse quality of offerings when it comes to insurance, which […]

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What is high deductible health insurance?

A high deductible health insurance plan lets the policyholder pay lower premiums each month while also paying for routine healthcare costs themselves. Once they have reached their deductible amount for the year the insurance pays for everything after that. You can quickly compare health insurance quotes from your area by typing your zip code in […]

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Where can I see my health insurance number?

A person’s health insurance policy number can be found on their insurance card and their insurance paperwork. The insurance policy number is also located on the policyholder’s monthly premium bill. This is likely different from the plan and group numbers which will also appear on the insurance card. The article that follows will tell you […]

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Where can I find the best types of short term health insurance quotes?

There are many ways someone can compare short term health insurance. They can call health insurance companies individually or go to those company’s websites. The easiest way to compare multiple insurance providers at once would be by using a website like this one. Compare health insurance quotes quickly and easily by just entering your ZIP […]

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