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Where can I find the best types of short term health insurance quotes?

athletic woman seeks best short term health insurance quoteThere are many ways someone can compare short term health insurance. They can call health insurance companies individually or go to those company’s websites. The easiest way to compare multiple insurance providers at once would be by using a website like this one.

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What is short term health insurance?

Short term health insurance is exactly what it sounds like, a health insurance policy that is not meant to last for an extended period. These policies work just like normal health insurance plans, but are specially designed for someone that only needs a temporary policy while they are waiting on a permanent policy to take effect.

If the policyholder has a clear picture of just how long they need the short term health insurance policy for, they can purchase a policy for the exact number of days needed. This alleviates the worry about being without health insurance. For someone that is not quite sure how long they will be without permanent insurance most short term health insurance providers offer a six month plan and a one year plan. If during the selected timeframe, the policyholder no longer needs their short term insurance, all they have to do is contact the insurance company and the policy is canceled.

How much someone will pay for short term health insurance greatly depends on their insurance needs. If the only need coverage for themselves, they should pay less than $100 a month. For those that also need coverage for their families should pay between $100 and $200 a month.

Who benefits the most from short term health insurance?

There are many types of people that would benefit from a short term health insurance plan. Someone who is currently between jobs would be the most obvious person to benefit. The majority of people in the United States receive their health insurance coverage through their employer so when someone is out of work they typically do not have health insurance.

Not having health coverage can be a big worry especially if someone has a family that relies on them for coverage. A short term policy can give the policyholder one less thing to worry about as they search for a new job.

Once someone does find a new job with benefits they often have to wait as much as three months for those benefits to take effect. Much can happen to someone’s health in three months. They could be in a car accident, get pregnant, or be diagnosed with a severe illness all of which can be very expensive without health insurance. A short term policy is a great choice for someone waiting on their employer based benefits to start.

Someone who has recently graduated from college is also a great candidate for short term coverage. Typically, by the time someone leaves college they are no longer eligible to be covered by their parent’s health insurance policy. For the first time in their lives, they have to worry about health insurance as well as worry about finding their first real job out of college. A short term policy can give them health insurance until they find that job.

Someone with just a part time job would also qualify for a short term plan. Most employers require an employee to work full time to qualify for health coverage.

What is covered under short term health insurance?

A short term health insurance policy covers the same things as a normal policy. Visits to the doctor, prescription drugs, and hospital care are all covered the same way. Since short term coverage is meant to protect the policyholder from unexpected things that could occur in a short time, there are certain things not covered by this type of policy. This type of policy, like most health insurance policies, does not cover dental or eye exams.

Most short term health policies will not cover preexisting conditions. There are websites that can help people that have had serious health problems in the past find health insurance that might better fit their needs. For someone who had cancer in the past it might be hard for them to find new health insurance. Sites like http://www.cancer.gov would be a good place to start researching the different coverage options.

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