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Who offers free affordable health insurance quotes?

free affordable health insurance quotesJust about any insurance company you call or email will offer you a free affordable health insurance quote. But that’s the hard way. A much simpler way to get free quotes on affordable health insurance is to go online and find a comparison site. There are several sites to choose from that will allow you get quotes from multiple health insurance companies and even compare features side by side.

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A zip code is really the key to finding health insurance online, since health insurance is regulated at the state level. Some insurance companies are only licensed to operate in certain states and others offer different prices in different regions, so they really need to know where you are before they give you a realistic quote.

Accuracy of Online Quotes

Are online quotes accurate?  One of the biggest problems with some online health insurance quotes, according to Patrick Dixon, a self-described futurist who has a company called Global Change Ltd., is that some companies don’t honor them. The quotes are given as a guideline, not as a binding offer. A problem specific to third party or comparison sites is that their information on available insurance products is not always up to date.

Once you’ve chosen a quote that looks good, it’s a good idea to verify the information with the actual insurance company.

It’s also hard to know if you’re seeing a fair representation of available quotes. If you do a Google search you’re going to find the sites that are best at advertising themselves, not necessarily the best or most affordable health insurance companies. If a comparison site is not impartial and nonprofit, you may be looking at health insurance companies that paid to be listed in the results of any search.

Reputable Insurance Companies

Is the insurance company reputable?  Sometimes the best quote you may get for a health insurance policy may come from a company you’re unfamiliar with. When that happens, it would be wise to gather as much information as possible about the health insurance company before signing any contracts or sending any money. There are a few different ways to do that.

One effective way to check on a health insurance company is to check with your state’s insurance regulatory agency.

If you visit the website for the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, you will be able to search for a company by name, check whether there have been any complaints, and view its license information.

Another good agency to check with is the Better Business Bureau, which records consumer complaints against all different types of companies, including insurance companies. The BBB gives companies a letter grade based on their track record.

Switching Health Insurance Plans

If you currently get health insurance benefits from your employer, you may be limited in terms of when you can join or change. You can sign up for employer-sponsored insurance within a month or two of the time you start working there, or you can join or change your plan during the open enrollment period. The actual process of changing your health insurance plan with an employer is not too difficult. It usually just involves selecting a plan from a list and filling out some basic information.

For most private health insurance plans there are no limitations on when you can join. In most cases, you would simply fill out an application and a health questionnaire to change to a new private health insurance plan. After that, of course, you would need to remember to drop your old coverage!

Dangers of Being Uninsured

The biggest issue of being without health insurance is the danger of a catastrophic injury or illness. With even short hospital stays costing tens of thousands of dollars, any serious injury or illness could potentially bankrupt a family who has to pay all free offers affordable health insurance quotesof their expenses out of pocket. Being uninsured actually increases the likelihood of such a catastrophic health event, since people without insurance are less likely to get preventative care and regular health checkups.

Long term illnesses and health conditions are very rough on people without insurance, too. A condition like diabetes, for example, would require someone to buy a testing meter, testing strips and, in some cases, prescription medication. Without insurance, those costs can be quite expensive over time.

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