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Where can I find health insurance rates online?

young woman at laptop looking for online health insurance ratesHealth insurance rates can be found through many avenues. The fastest rising way to get rates is through the Internet. Finding health insurance rates online is fast and easy, and it provides the opportunity to compare rates and coverage.

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Comparing coverage and rates is an excellent way to lower health insurance policy costs.

What are online quote websites?

Online quote sites match you with multiple providers that are licensed to provide health insurance in your area. Using your zip code, the quote system allows you to view the rates of several different health insurance companies at once.

Generally, you can have the quotes sent to an email for future reference. Another option is to have an agent contact you over the phone to further discuss your quote.

What are the benefits of using an online quote website?

Online quotes allow you the freedom to search for rates and coverage at anytime and in any place. You are not limited by hours of operation or days that a health insurance provider is open.

Online quote sites also allow you a bit of privacy to search and look at options without having to give answers to questions that you might find embarrassing if speaking with a live agent. In addition, some people do not like the pressure of the salesman approach taken by some insurance agents. If you do not like a certain quote or provider, then you can close the page with one click.

The sites also allow you to compare rates so that you can find the most coverage for your money. The online quote sites also generally have a wealth of information to help you manage your health and coverage. Health insurance can be complicated and confusing; the information provided at online quote sites will only increase your knowledge and buying power.

Why do I have to enter my zip code?

Insurance providers must be licensed by the state in order to sell health insurance policies. Each state has its own rules and regulations about:

  • How insurance policies can be sold
  • Whom the policies can be sold to
  • The way the insurance companies can calculate rates

Entering your zip code ensures that the quotes that are provided are from companies that can legally sell you a health insurance policy. It also determines what laws the provider must follow.

How do I know if an online quote is from a legitimate provider?

Unfortunately, there are fraudulent insurance companies out there trying to take money from people looking for insurance coverage. Before paying any money, call the toll-free number, 1-866-470-NAIC, provided by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners to confirm that the provider is legitimate.

Other options are to research the company at the Better Business Bureau or an insurance rating company such as A.M. Best Ratings. These companies should have listings and ratings for the provider; an additional benefit is you will know if the company is financially stable or good at resolving customer complaints.

Where else can I find health insurance rates online?

Individual health insurance providers generally also have a quote system on their websites. It usually starts with entering your zip code; further information as to age and health might also be asked.

Generally, an insurance agent will call you after your quote to establish a relationship and offer further insurance options. Some insurance provider websites also have a feature that allows you to speak with a live agent over the Internet.

What are the benefits of getting quotes through a provider’s website?

Again, insurance websites offer the freedom and flexibility to provide quotes at anytime. The provider’s website can also provide information about the company’s location, time in business and particular agents.

It is also a benefit for some to be able to speak with a live agent to answer questions and explain options.

How can I know if a quote is reasonable or not?

Many different factors go into creating an insurance quote. It can be confusing to know if a quoted rate is reasonable or outrageous. There are a few methods to compare quotes so you know that you are getting a fair deal.

Firstly, compare the rates that are being quoted with any policy that you may currently have. Remember, though, that health insurance policies provided through an employer are usually group rates. Group rates spread the financial risk around by having many participants. The premiums are also generally paid in part by your employer as a benefit. Individual health insurance rates are usually higher than group insurance rates.

Secondly, use a health insurance calculator to view ballpark rates for your area and your particular health needs. The Money-zine insurance calculator will allow you to fill in different options and amounts of coverage; it will then provide you with average rates for your area. Use these average rates to compare the rates you are being quoted online.

Lastly, get rates from more than one or two companies. Keep a record of the rates when speaking with an agent to let the agent know that you found lower costs for a certain coverage area with another provider. Chances are the agent might be able to lower the quote in order to get your business.

Get multiple online quotes now! Use your zip code to get health insurance quotes instantly!