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Where can I find a good health insurance companies list?

couple seeks good health insurance companies listThe easiest place to find a list of popular health insurance companies is online. There are many websites that have lists of the most well-known health insurance providers. Sites like this one will compile a list of health insurance providers that have policies that fit your individual needs for you.

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You can find lists of health insurance companies online that have been with various criteria. By going to customer ratings sites like JD Powers and Associates you can see a list of the highest rated health insurance providers based on the opinions and experiences of current policyholders.

How do I choose the right health insurance company?

Before you can choose the right health insurance provider to fit your needs to have to first determine what your needs actually are.

  • Do you need health insurance coverage for your family or just yourself?
  • How much of your monthly budget are you willing to spend on the cost of health insurance premiums?
  • Do you need this health insurance plan indefinitely or for a very specific period of time?

These are all questions you need to ask yourself before you start looking for health insurance on your own because knowing the answers will make the search a lot easier.

What types of health insurance plans are available?

The most important factor to consider is exactly what type of health insurance plan you need. The type of plan you choose will determine how much you will need to spend on premiums each month. The most common forms of health insurance plans for individuals and their families today are copay, high deductible, and health savings accounts.

A co-pay plan is the type of health insurance plan that most people have experience with, especially if they have ever had health insurance through their employer. With this plan, the policyholder pays a set fee for common medical care. Typically, with this type of plan the provider pays around 80% of the total healthcare costs.

So if the policyholder has to go to a routine checkup that costs around $100 they would pay a $20 co-pay and the health insurance provider would pick up the rest. Co-pay plans are very popular, but their premiums tend to be higher than the other plans so someone on a tight budget might not be able to afford them.

Is there a cheaper alternative?

A more budget friendly health insurance option is a high deductible plan. Since the yearly deductible is so much higher than other plans, the monthly premiums are very low. With this type of plan, the policyholder pays all of their healthcare costs until the deductible is paid off. Once the deductible amount has been met, the provider pays for all of their healthcare costs.

This is a very popular plan for younger people that do not go to the doctor very often. If the policyholder is very healthy and just wants a plan that will help if they are every in a serious accident then a high deductible plan might be a good fit.

High deductible plans are not usually recommended to families since they go to the doctor much more often, especially if there are young children in the family. If the family has a tight enough budget to need a high deductible plan then they probably do not have it in their budget to pay all of their healthcare costs until the deductible is met. In this case, a health savings account might be a good solution.

A health saving account combines a regular high deductible health insurance plan with a savings account. This savings account let’s the family save money to pay for medical costs on their own until they meet their deductible. There is no limit to how much the policyholder can put in the savings account and the money rolls over into the next deductible year so with interest the policyholder should have enough to cover costs within a decent amount of time.

What types of health insurance networks are available?

It is also important for someone looking for health insurance to decide which type of network they want to be on. The two types of health insurance networks are HMOs and PPOs. An HMO is more budget friendly, but the policyholder must chosen there healthcare provider from an approved list. A PPO lets them choose any doctor or hospital they want, but the premiums are higher with a plan on this type of network.

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