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What personal health plans are available to me?

woman needs personal health insurance planThere are several options out there for personal health plans. Finding the one that fits your individual needs can be time consuming and challenging if you don’t know where to look. Comparing rates and benefits with each company is important before signing with just any plan.

Choosing the correct health care plan that fits both your individual needs and budget is something most people look for in insurance. According to MSN’s MoneyCentral, it really depends on both the plan and the individual when choosing between plans with higher or lower premiums and copayments.

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What are the things to consider in a personal health plan?

Considering how much coverage you actually need is important. Those who have a family or an addition to the family will need to add more benefits to their plan. Making sure all information is up-to-date and accurate is important when considering either updating or adding to a plan or when searching for a new one.

There are plans that have lower premiums, but they’re usually followed by higher copayments. It’s vice versa as well: higher premiums and lower copayments. Finding out which one to choose depends on your situation.

Those with children who are young would be better off with lower copayments since doctor’s visits are frequent. Alternatively, those who are older or have health conditions would be better off with the lower copayments/higher premium health plans.

Those who are healthy, of younger age and who don’t have young children might do better with lower premiums and higher copayments. It all depends on how many times you anticipate seeing a doctor or specialist during a given year.

What are some of the plans that are popular today?

There are many varieties when it comes to health plans. There’s the traditional fee for service plans (FFS), which is what the title describes. Some of the more popular ones used today are health maintenance organizations (HMOs), preferred provider organizations (PPO), and point of service plans (POS).

The least expensive of the three is the HMO plan. As with most services, there’s a consequence with its low cost and that’s low flexibility with the plan. With HMOs, you have to use physicians that are included in the plan. There are pre-authorizations that need to be made before most medical procedures. This is also the case for seeking out specialist.

POS plans are similar to HMOs because they also make you use a primary-care physician that has been pre-selected. However, POS plans offer much more flexibility than HMOs.

PPOs are more flexible as well, but they also give incentives to their policyholders to stay within their network of physicians. If a customer uses within this selection they will have more reasonable copayments. Another benefit of PPOs is not needing pre-approval to seek out a specialist.

What should I consider when it comes to pharmaceuticals with my personal health plan?

Medications are becoming more and more expenses, especially those that are over the counter. With most health plans, there are a list of medications that will be covered. If it’s not on the list, it’s not covered. This is important when considering what you need with coverage.

The health plans that do pay for prescriptions utilize a tier process. Certain medications are grouped together to be cost effective. The most expensive medications are always the brand named drugs and are in the topmost tier. Generic drugs and medications are at the lower end and tend to be less expensive.

The copayments will vary for medications in the top tier versus those in the lower tier. For example, a generic medication will have a much lower copayment that will most likely range from five dollars to ten. However, the brand name medication will have a more expensive copayment that will fall anywhere between twenty-five dollars to fifty.

Keeping all this in mind, it’s important to know upfront what your potential health needs will be before researching different plans. You’ll know you have the best coverage when you find a plan that can be personalized to your needs and budget.

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