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What kind of nonprofit association health insurance plans are available?

young man seeks nonprofit health insurance plansNonprofit health care providers, like Blue Cross Blue Shield, offer multiple types of health insurance plans. These plans include:

  • High deductible plans
  • Health savings accounts
  • Short-term health insurance
  • Co-payment plans

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The types of health insurance plans that nonprofit health insurance providers are pretty much the same as the ones offered by for profit companies. The true difference is how the different organizations work and the pricing of the plans.

To compare these providers and not just their plan rates you can go to site like JD Power and Associates and the Better Business Bureau to see how their customer’s rate them.

What is a nonprofit health insurance provider?

Most people are familiar with the majority of health insurance providers being for profit providers. This means that the main focus of these companies is making as much money as possible. This focus makes the company less sympathetic when policyholders can no longer afford their coverage or are having a hard time making their payments.

A for profit provider is more likely to raise health insurance ratesand are more reluctant to provide coverage in some situations due to the ultimate cost to the company. They usually have very strict pre-existing conditions guidelines to make sure that they will not have to insure someone that will be guaranteed to cost them a lot of money down the road because of a medical condition they already have.

A nonprofit health insurance provider does not focus on profits. Their goal is to provide adequate health insurance coverage to the people in the community. These companies often have much lower rates that a for profit company and people with pre-existing conditions are more likely to receive coverage.

A nonprofit provider receives tax breaks that for profit companies do not get, which also helps to keep costs down. These providers often work with state governments in regards to health insurance issues.

What types of plans do nonprofit health insurance providers offer?

The plans offered by nonprofit organizations are the same types of plans offered by most other health insurance providers. Which plan fits the policyholder best depends on their medical needs, general health, whether or not they have a family that also needs coverage, and how much they can afford to spend each month on health insurance.

Over the past few years, high deductible health insurance plans have become increasingly popular. As the economy struggles budgets shrink and people cannot always afford a high monthly health insurance premium. A high deductible plan offers very low monthly premiums.

The premiums for this plan are so low because the yearly deductible is so much higher than with a traditional plan. The policyholder pays for regular medical costs themselves until the deductible is reached and then the insurance provider pays for everything else for the rest of the deductible year. This is a good plan for someone in good health that does not have to go to the doctor very often, but still wants a comprehensive plan in case they are in an accident or are diagnosed with a severe illness.

A health savings account is a high deductible health insurance plan that is combined with a high interest savings account. The principle behind the savings account is that the policyholder should be putting the amount of money they are saving each month because of the plan’s low monthly premiums into the savings account. This money will help the policyholder pay for regular medical costs until the plan’s high deductible is reached for the year. A great thing about this savings account is that there is no limit to how much can be saved and the money rolls over each year.

Short-term insurance is designed for people that will have a permanent health insurance policy soon and only need coverage until the permanent policy becomes active. Someone that is in between jobs or has just started a new job and is waiting for their new benefits to start is a great candidate for short-term insurance. This insurance would also apply to people that have retired early and are waiting to be eligible for Medicare coverage.

How should I choose a nonprofit health insurance provider?

Choosing the right health insurance policy is a very important decision, especially if you have a family that also requires coverage. The most important thing to do is to compare as many companies as possible to find the right fit. Just because a company has the lowest rates does not always mean they are the best company for you.

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