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What is the worst health insurance company in the United States?

the worst health insurance company in the United StatesAmong those companies which are purely health insurance providers, it would appear that Wellpoint is the worst, according to the American Association of Justice. You can read the entire list on the Free Advice website. Wellpoint placed sixth on the list of the worst insurance companies overall, with those above it specializing in auto insurance, home insurance and disability insurance.

Among the reasons Wellpoint is rated so poorly is the assertion that they put profits ahead of their customers. The state of California actually fined Wellpoint at one time for canceling health insurance policies of pregnant women and people who were chronically ill.

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The quality of different health insurance companies and plans is subjective, so naturally there are other opinions on which is the worst. It also depends on what is important to the person doing the rating, whether it’s cost, customer service, quality of network, or other factors. Of course health care providers rate insurance companies on a different set of criteria than patients do, so it’s interesting to note which one they consider to be the worst.

An article in Reuters titled “New Survey Reveals Best and Worst Health Insurance Companies” gave the results of a survey of health care professionals. According to the survey, 82% of respondents gave an unfavorable opinion of United Healthcare.

How are health insurance companies regulated?

In the United States, each individual state is responsible for the regulation of health insurance, life insurance and property insurance. Each state usually has a commissioner or a department that oversees and regulates insurance.

Even though there are state regulations of health insurance companies, there are federal laws and federal agencies that participate in the regulation of insurance companies. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) proposes regulations to make insurance laws more uniform across the U.S; those laws need to be approved by each state’s legislators.

Why do people complain about health insurance?

For being such a valuable and useful tool, health insurance tends to get more than its fair share of complaints levied against it. First and foremost, people have a hard time finding health insurance for cheap. Between premiums, copayments, deductibles and other fees, people might feel like health insurance costs them more than it saves. Coupled with the cost, many people complain that the complicated nature of health insurance makes it difficult to even compare prices between plans fairly.

Another complication of health insurance that draws complaints involves the large forms that need to be filled out when you apply for coverage. Unfortunately, the nature of health insurance makes insurers require a lot of personal information up front, hence the long application.worth health insurance company in United States

Another complaint about health insurance is that it’s too difficult to find a good company or good policy. This can be true, especially if you don’t get health insurance through Medicare or through your employer. Still, good companies are out there- you just have to be diligent and search for them. You have plenty of health insurance options!

What if I don’t like my health insurer?

If you don’t like your health insurance company, your choices are simple: complain or leave. To complain, your most productive route would be to complain to the company itself. If your complaint is legitimate and you can find the right person in the company to complain to, you might get your issue resolved and be able to stay with your current health insurance company.

If you can’t get satisfaction from complaining to the company, you may want to report your health insurance company to someone else. You can report a health insurance company to whatever state regulatory agency your particular state has in place, or to the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau keeps lists of complaints against companies on its website for all to see and it provides ratings for some institutions so that people can see which ones have a better track record with their customers.

If all else fails, you can leave your health insurance company and find a new one. If you are getting health insurance through your employer or some other group, you’ll want to check around carefully before leaving- private insurance is usually more expensive. If you do decide to go on to a new company however, there are plenty of choices available, so you should be able to find one you like. Look at which ones are the popular health insurance companies.

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