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What do I need for Michigan health insurance?

woman needs Michigan health insuranceThe Michigan Department of Community Health maintains a comprehensive and informative website,providing Michigan residents with the most up-to-date information available on the state’s health insurance laws, programs, and health care providers.

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The Community Health website provides a wealth of information, convenient links and helpful tools and calculators. Residents can instantly determine their qualifications for many state sponsored and administered programs right on line! Other information services include:

  • Birth, death, marriage, and divorce records
  • Physical health and prevention
  • Mental health and substance abuse
  • Health related statistics and reports
  • Listings of health care providers
  • Public safety and environmental health

The Michigan Department of Community Health website has information for everything from:

  • Pregnancy
  • How to deal with problem gambling
  • Where to find health insurance coverage

Where can I get health insurance?

Many Michigan residents have group health insurance coverage through their employers or those of their spouses. Under new federal legislation, children can maintain coverage under their parents’ policies until they reach age 26.

Other Michigan residents not covered by group plans, purchase private insurance coverage on their own. Some companies and small businesses are self-insured, while others invest in group plans for the mutual benefit of the business owners and their employees.

There are many private insurance companies and programs to choose from. Consumers should research all available insurance options before deciding what program is best for them.

For older adults, past the age of 65 and living in Michigan, the federally mandated Medicare program provides at least basic medical insurance coverage for seniors. Supplemental coverage may also be purchased, by those who can afford it, through many reputable companies.

What if I don’t have a job or money to pay for health insurance?

Michigan administers its own version of the federally mandated Medicaid program for low income adults and families. Each year, dozens of program changes and amendments are approved and enacted on a state level. These changes allow for increased benefits and participation by Medicaidrecipients. They have also greatly increased the rolls of eligible Medicaid providers by expanding covered medical services in Michigan.

What are some other Michigan State sponsored programs?

As with many states across America, Michigan has in recent years adopted new legislation and created new programs to help better serve the medical needs of its residents. Among these programs are:

  • Michigan prescription savings program
  • Services for seniors and those suffering from disabilities
  • Maternity services for expectant mothers
  • Special services for children and teenagers
  • Michigan uninsured project

What are the special state programs for children?

Services for children include Michigan’s Healthy Kids program. Healthy Kids is a Medicaid based program for children of low-income families, under age 19, and pregnant women. There are no monthly premiums for this program, which in addition to medical services, covers dental, vision, and mental health treatment.

Pregnant women also benefit from Michigan’s Healthy Kids program. Benefits continue through term and for the first two months following the birth of the new baby. Eligibility for this program is limited by income.

For those expectant mothers whose income exceeds the Healthy Kids guidelines, Michigan has their own “MOMS” program, providing immediate coverage and prenatal care for pregnant women.

The Department of Community Health administers its own children’s program called MIChild. This program serves the needs of otherwise uninsured children, under the age of 19, from low-income working families. A ten dollar monthly premium covers all of the children in one family. Children must be enrolled to receive services, which include dental, vision, and mental health.

Children’s Special Health Care Services, CSHCS, is a state run program for children and some adults, with special health needs. A specific, qualifying medical condition is necessary to be eligible for this program.

What is the Michigan Uninsured Project?

In 2006, Michigan began a project to gradually decrease the number of uninsured residents in the state. Several initiatives have been undertaken since that time and the state has indeed made headway in achieving its long-term goal.

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