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Should I buy a low cost family health insurance plan?

should i buy low cost family health insurance planWhen considering family medical health insurance it’s important to know what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. While there are several options for affordable family health insurance you should weigh all the options. Make sure you know what coverage you’re getting before signing with any health insurance company.

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According to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, both Medicaid and CHIP provide approximately 31 million U.S. citizens with health coverage. This health care coverage is for those with low incomes and is very affordable.

How do I qualify for Medicare or CHIP programs?

For those who are of low income, finding affordable health insurance is a top priority.

The government has set up Medicare and CHIP programs to aid families in finding health insurance that won’t break the bank.

For the CHIP program those children in families with incomes $44,700 annually or less can qualify. There are some states where even families with higher incomes can still qualify for the CHIP program.

To participate in Medicaid all children from age six and under who have family incomes of $29,700 or less for a family of four are eligible. Babies born to women covered by Medicaid are also covered. Adults without dependent children do not qualify for Medicaid unless they are disabled. However, several states do provide some coverage through state funded programs or federal waivers for those adults who are not disabled, but are of low income.

How can I find affordable private health insurance?

Many private health insurance companies have premiums that are less expensive. These tend to be group insurance rates. Many times your employer will offer you group health insurance. Employers will pay part of the premium for their employees while employees tend to pay all or most of the deductibles and copayments out of pocket.

Family plans are available for group health insurance which means that an employee will pay a little more in monthly premium amounts than those employees who are just insuring themselves. You should find out if your company health insurance will cover your family too. If your employer does not offer group health insurance, but you still want to get a group health insurance rate for your family there are some other options. Many organizations or groups you may already belong to offer group health insurance.

For example if you have an AAA membership you could qualify for their group health insurance. If you are not part of an organization it might be worth joining one that does offer group health insurance. Make sure you consider the organization’s annual membership costs versus just getting health insurance without the group rate beforehand.

What else should I consider?

buy low cost family health insurance planFor those who look for private health insurance outside of the group insurance rates the amount may be more than you want to pay. Finding an affordable health insurance plan is very important. Many will shop around to find the best premium, but sometimes they’ll end up sacrificing the proper coverage for their family.

Another great way to find health insurance for your whole family is to mix and match insurance policies. Look into different rates for different family members depending on what type of coverage they need. A healthy adult who doesn’t need to visit the doctor very often could take out a policy with lower coverage at a more cost effective premium rate.

Children may qualify for the federally funded CHIP program which might be less expensive than any private health insurance coverage. While the paperwork of finding different health insurance for different family members may seem like a hassle, it could save you big bucks.

Because of the rise in health care costs and health insurance premiums many people are shopping around online. There have been more and more instances of fraud with health insurance companies taking advantage of consumers looking for the best rate.

It’s important to see the red flags in health insurance companies before signing on the dotted line. You can research company’s financial outlook by visiting A.M. Best.  Be aware of the common fraud alerts for health insurance companies. It’s a good idea to contact your state’s department of insurance if you feel a company may be trying to sell you a fraudulent health insurance plan.

While finding the right family health insurance policy may be time consuming it’s worth taking the time to find the very best. To find the very best in health insurance rates type your ZIP code in this FREE search box!