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Is there a way to estimate health insurance quotes for pre existing conditions?

stethoscope pre existing conditions health insurance quoteThere are ways to find health insurance quotes that cover pre-existing conditions. You can search quotes for free online or call an insurance broker. You can also visit any insurance broker’s home office to receive a quote.

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There are many people with pre-existing health conditions. According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, one in five people have a pre-existing condition and this does not include those who are elderly.

How does someone with a pre-existing condition find insurance?

Even though there is high-risk open enrollment in all U.S. states, the obstacles prove to be too difficult and prevent those in need of insurance to use these insurance policies.

Those who need coverage and don’t receive it through their place of employment have some options. They can use short-term health insurance. What this does is to ensure takeover insurance in the future.

Others will use a non-insurance option such as needs-based medical providers and discount pricing arrangements.

Lastly, many people with pre-existing conditions simply get what they can and go without full coverage. This can be problematic and costly.

What is considered a pre-existing condition?

Any medical condition that exists before enrollment in a new health insurance policy is considered a pre-existing condition. Most policies will have specific information on what they consider pre-existing conditions.

Heart disease and cancer are big ones. Those who have these conditions have a hard time finding health insurance coverage because they are high risk. Other pre-existing conditions are not as drastic, such as asthma, high blood pressure, and pregnancy.

Most people assume that a pre-existing condition is solely based on their health as of the day they apply for coverage, but this is not always the case. Many insurance companies look into past health problems.

Past health problems can keep you from receiving coverage and can also jack up your premium if you do receive coverage.

Can those with a pre-existing condition get group insurance through their work?

Actually, that is the best way to get your medical needs met. See if you can join your company’s group health insurance. In most cases, insurance companies are not allowed to judge a rate based on every individuals current health or health history.

When insurance companies assess risk for group insurance they usually only are able to look at individual ages and genders.

However, with the economy being a hardship to individuals and businesses, the job-based insurance policies have decreased while the need for individual coverage has increased.

Many people have caught onto the hardship that is the health insurance industry. Those people who do have pre-existing conditions tend to find insurance through employer-sponsored insurance.

This can be a hardship for workers though. Individuals either who have a pre-existing condition or have a dependent with one, tend to stay at the same job for fear of losing this insurance.

This is commonly referred to as job lock, where families and individuals make career decisions and job decisions based on health insurance coverage.

How to insurance companies decide if a person can be eligible for coverage?

Those with pre-existing health conditions know how important it is to have coverage. Not only do they need to make several doctor’s visits, but also in many cases they will need prescriptions, need to see specialists, need testing done and could possibly have overnight stays in the hospital.

When insurance companies look at an individual who is applying for health insurance they look at their age, gender, medical history and geographic location. With this information, they assess the risk of insuring the individual.

If an individual is high-risk, many insurance companies will not insure them. There are some companies that will, but at a price. High-risk insurance policies are expensive and many cannot afford the additional costs in premiums and co-payments in the private market.

Government insurance plans can be more reasonable and it’s always a good idea to see if you qualify for Medicaid or Medicare. It’s not impossible to find insurance if you have a pre-existing condition, but it does take some digging.

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