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How to Be a Health Insurance Navigator

“To sum it up…”

  • A health insurance navigator is a position developed by the passage in 2013 of the Federal Patient Protection Act to enlist one-on-one help in signing up for marketplace health insurance coverage.
  • A navigator is charged with helping increase interest and sign-ups for marketplace plans, assist people and businesses with applications and ensure they are getting the best plans.
  • The goal of every health insurance navigator is an increase in insured citizens through the marketplace and a better informed local public.
  • Organizations wishing to work as a group navigator will have to apply for a grant, but individuals must apply through an organization with an existing grant.
  • Becoming certified requires meeting the recruitment needs of the organization holding the grant, passing the certification test, completing training about the marketplace and continuing ongoing training to retain certification

There can be no doubt that individuals and businesses have struggled to understand the changes in healthcare coverage since the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Many have chosen to remain uncovered, despite the threats of financial penalty, simply due to the confusion they feel towards the volumes of new information they are being presented with.

Becoming a health insurance navigator is one way to enjoy a great career while helping people cut through the red tape and get the affordable healthcare insurance needed.

The Federal Patient Protection Care Act in October of 2013 saw the creation of advisory positions called navigators. These are individuals that are charged with increasing public awareness of marketplace health insurance, assist individuals, families, businesses and employees with signing up for benefits and helping direct contact with the right people, such as ombudsmen, when there are problems.

Health insurance navigators are highly trained advocates that help break down the walls of confusion with using the Marketplace and getting the best deals available.

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What are the dut a health insurance navigator?


A health insurance navigator is a professional that works with individuals and groups to find the plans that will work best, assist in the application process and answer any questions that are posed about healthcare coverage.

The specific duties might vary by state regulation, but a health insurance navigator must be able to at least:

  • Find or have the connections needed to outreach the at-risk population
  • Ability to work within impoverished areas to answer healthcare questions
  • Be familiar and fluent with the local cultural differences and languages
  • Understand how to assist people in gaining and retaining healthcare coverage
  • Stir up interest in checking out the Marketplace healthcare coverage options

What are the primary goals of a health insurance navigator?


A health insurance navigator’s main goal is to raise public awareness about the importance of coverage and personalized advocacy to make great coverage happen. This is done in both group and individual settings.

Public awareness campaigns and meetings help stir up interest in businesses and communities that have high uninsured rates.

Individuals can be directed to a navigator for one-on-one help in completing the application process and ensuring they have completed all documentation to receive tax credits, which can provide even better coverage for their families in the marketplace.

What qualifications does a health insurance navigator need?


Organizations that wish to be considered as health insurance navigators must be able to demonstrate the ability to capture the interest of the public for increased healthcare enrollment advantage.

You will have to apply for a grant and undergo training. Individuals that are interested in becoming a health insurance navigator will have to make application with an organization that has secured a marketplace grant.

Each state may have slightly different requirements, but the general tasks needed to be fulfilled are the same. Having experience in dealing with the public in some sort of advocacy position is highly desired.

Is it difficult to become a health insurance navigator?

There is a definite level of commitment that needs to be made in order to make it through to a certification as a health insurance navigator. You must pass a test that consists of 100, or more, questions.

Depending on the state and organization that you apply with, there may be specific educational requirements.

You will have to undergo intense training about the health insurance industry and how to effectively use the marketplace. Your job will ultimately depend on being able to direct individuals and companies towards the best plans, providing the most affordable options there are.

Are there ongoing training requirements?

You will have to keep up-to-date on Marketplace changes, rules and regulations that could impact the levels of coverage available to members of the public. This means there are ongoing training sessions required to retain certification as a health insurance navigator.

Can I make a good salary as a health insurance navigator?


The average salary for a health insurance navigator as of 2017 is $54,500 dollars annually. This is not a bad salary but can be made even better by working for and through a private exchange. There are a few variables, such as a possible bonus structure, profit sharing, or commissions.

The salary is considered to be slightly above the national average for individuals, with the average US total household income being $55,775 dollars annually for the year 2015. This makes a career as a health insurance navigator an attractive option.

The special designation of health insurance navigators with the development of the Marketplace sourcing of coverage plans has opened a new window of opportunity for those that want to work in the health insurance industry.

Setting sound goals to help people understand the benefits of getting quality, affordable coverage, along with the application of the required training will make you a valued partner in making sure everyone has the opportunity to access affordable healthcare. Contact a health insurance industry professional to learn more about the career opportunities available today!

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