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How to Find a Good Health Insurance Agent

“To sum it up…”

  • Online reviews of health insurance products can lead you to good local agents
  • Find an agent that is knowledgeable about all healthcare insurance products
  • Make sure the agent seems receptive to learning what your specific health insurance needs are
  • Good health insurance agents have access to enough products to provide a variety to choose from
  • Get health insurance agent recommendations from trusted family and friends

Check Reviews for Agents that Offer the Best Plans


Getting access to the most affordable healthcare product that fits your needs could be as simple as locating a good health insurance agent. There are some specific ways you can increase your odds of getting the most knowledgeable and helpful health insurance agent in your area.

A good health insurance agent will be able to offer the best plans that suit both your budget and healthcare needs. One of the easiest ways to find a better agent is to look online for reviews of the better plans and the agents in your local area that carry them.

This is a proactive strategy that does require doing a little bit of homework, but the payoff can be finding the best agent available to get your family the health insurance that is needed.

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Does the agent have knowledge about healthcare products?


Navigating the world of health insurance can be tricky. You want to feel confident that the health insurance agent you use is qualified and knowledgeable about all aspects of healthcare and associated costs. There is a wide range of products out there and not everything is designed to fit all needs. Are they well-versed enough to know:

  • An employer-sponsored plan may not be the best deal.
  • The Cheapest premium is not always the most cost-effective plan.
  • Should you opt to start a Health Savings Account?

Try and locate a specialist in health and life insurance. A one-stop shop for all types of insurance may not be able to offer you the most affordable and sensible insurance options.

Choose one that is a licensed expert in health and life insurance products, rather than as a side addition to selling auto and home insurance policies.

Does the agent listen to your needs?


Ten different people can sit down with a health insurance agent and all of their needs will at least be slightly different. Every health concern, risk, and budget will be as individual as the person requesting a quote for a plan. Take your time to go over all of the specifics regarding the healthcare needs you have to cover. Be prepared to ask questions like:

  • How much will the premium for my entire household be?
  • How many doctor visits am I allowed?
  • What types of screening and testing is included?
  • Is there prescription drug coverage?
  • Can I get dental and vision coverage?
  • How much is the deductible for both individuals and family?
  • What is the out-of-pocket limit?

You are not working with a good health insurance agent if they are not able to address these questions and try to determine a reasonable plan cost for your available budget.

Keep searching until you find an agent that is willing to take their time and answer all of your questions. Their job is to take all of your needs into consideration and try to pair you up with a plan that meets as many of the needs as possible, within a given monthly budget.

Does the agent have access to affordable products?


How loyal are you to a particular brand of health insurance? There are health insurance agents that work for specific companies and then there are brokers. A broker is able to switch gears quickly and look for products from a variety of companies. Using the skills of a broker can be a good thing as long as you keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • Cheaper is not always better.
  • There are a few insurance companies that offer delayed pay and deny a lot of legitimate claims.
  • Smaller, fly-by-night insurance companies can go out of business with little-to-no warning.

You do not want to take a huge risk and end up without coverage. There are times that sticking with well-branded names in the insurance industry are a safer bet. Many companies offer affordable rates for growing families, which provide all you need for basic medical services.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations


You want a health insurance agent that is personable, knowledgeable, honest, listens to your particular needs and will do their best to find a quality product in your price range. One of the best sources for leads to find a good health insurance agent is through your friends and family.

Ask for referrals and recommendations from everyone you know and trust. You might be pleasantly surprised at how easy the solution comes.

Follow a few of these steps and begin your search for a knowledgeable, friendly health insurance agent that will look after the needs of you and your family. It is important to feel comfortable with your agent and confident that they are getting you the best deal available.

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