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Can I trust online ratings of health insurance companies?

With the internet being the latest technology for researching anything and everything, some wonder if these online ratings are really reliable. There are certain places to look to find trustworthy online health insurance ratings, but you just have to know what to look for.

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According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, the Affordable Care Act was amended to establish internet website search options where consumers could research health insurance rates. The hope of this amendment was to promote market competition and help consumers make more informed choices when it came to health insurance.

What are some good tips for shopping online for health insurance?

There’s a plethora of health insurance information online. However, in most cases you’ll have to provide personal information over the internet in order to get the most accurate quote and to complete your application for health insurance.

Whenever in doubt, you can go right to the source to shop for health insurance. Most health insurance companies sell online health insurance policies directly to their customers. However, when utilizing this option you aren’t getting many choices. There are several options:

  • Use an agent: An alternative to this is to work with a licensed health insurance agent. An agent can give you options from a variety of insurance companies. They can also give assistance if you have questions and point you in the right direction if you find yourself lost among the paperwork. Your state’s Department of Insurance makes sure agents follow a strict guideline when selling health insurance. This can assure you that shopping with them online is a safe option.
  • Call the company: When shopping online it’s important to look for a company’s information, specifically a working phone number. This information should be in plain sight or at least easy to locate whether or not it is listed on the homepage. If your agent or the company website is accessible and they have helpful telephone support, that’s a good signal that they are reliable.
  • Get ratings: The Better Business Bureau and A.M. Best will tell you what you need to know about reliability with health insurance companies and agents. Those health insurance companies and licensed agents know where to get their approval from and these rating agents are some of the first consumers go to in order to research businesses credibility.
  • Look for a seal: There should also be seals of approval on the website you are using to research online. Such Internet privacy protection organizations are ones like TRUSTe. If you’re searching a website for health insurance you want to make sure there’s a seal of approval before entering in any personal information.

What are some additional resources to use when shopping for health insurance online?

online health insurance company ratingsIt’s never a bad idea to shop for health insurance with your state’s Department of Insurance. They don’t sell health insurance plans directly, but they can point you in the right direction to a reliable source.

For those who are looking for health insurance coverage while they’re in between jobs, COBRA is an option. While the premiums can seem pretty high, it’s not a bad option to check out online.

If you are part of an organization or association you should check out their website for group health insurance plans. This is a great alternative for those looking for affordable health insurance who don’t receive it through their place of work. Group health insurance tends to be more affordable than private health insurance.

What are some red flags to look out for when purchasing online?

Health insurance scams are more prevalent today as more people are doing their research online. It’s important to research an insurance company thoroughly before committing and giving out personal information.

There are insurance companies who offer cheap coverage, but who refuse to pay claims. Look for complaints online with some of the trusted rating websites mentioned above.

Discount health insurance plans should be a red flag. Most good health insurance policies have similar rates as others. Any huge drop in policy rates should be looked at with extreme caution.

If a health insurance company is guaranteeing you a policy that will cover preexisting conditions you should run the other way. Preexisting conditions are not easily insured and takes much research on the part of the insurance company. Upfront promises like this are hard to follow through on.

The bottom line is to do your research and trust your gut. Any health insurance plan that seems too good to be true probably is. Look for ratings, reviews, and an easy contact number. To find a reliable online source for health insurance rates you can simply type your ZIP code and begin searching!