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Can I combine life and health insurance?

people want to combine life and health insuranceYou can combine life and health insurance under one policy. These policies are known as combined life insurance. However, you should be very careful of these types of policies. Review the policies carefully to ensure you are not repeating the coverage you already have under your original health insurance policy.

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You will find that the best coverage is going to be when you purchase life and health insurance from one or more companies. By shopping around for the best coverage at the best rates, you can make sure you and your family receives the coverage you need. If you do end up purchasing more than one type of insurance from a company, you can often receive a discount on your premiums.

What are combined life insurance policies?

The combined life and health insurance plans are known as combined life insurance or supplemental coverage. Combined Life Insurance according to ChristiaNet, is a combination of riders and addendums to your original policy. The agent “tacks” on additional riders or addendums per your request and changing needs.

The basis of these plans is to provide coverage where the original policy stops. In theory, this would make all medical costs paid for, lost wages provided for, and daily expenses covered. Combined Life Insurance policies are inexpensive and can be purchased for $10 or less.

Why do certain insurance companies or agents only sell health or life insurance but not both?

Life and health insurance are two very different insurance entities. For instance, many insurance agencies sell only life insurance due to the higher commissions that are offered and received by the agents. Life insurance is more profitable to the agent selling the insurance as well as to the insurance agency.

According to Investopedia, life insurance is an investment made by the insurance company with your insurance premiums. Policy benefits are not paid out until the policy matures or the policyholder dies.

Although health insurance companies invest premiums also, the payouts of benefits are completely different. This is due to the frequency of individuals using their health insurance policies. Benefits are paid out to providers through negotiated rates between the insurance company and providers.

When I purchase health insurance through my employer, can I also receive life insurance coverage?

Many employers not only offer medical health insurance to their employees, but they also offer life insurance. When employers offer group coverage to their employees, this is usually the most economical way to purchase both health and life insurance.

Often when employers provide group coverage for life and health insurance, employees have the option of choosing one or both insurance plans. Regardless of what they choose, employers often receive coverage from two different companies, because the employer is looking for the best coverage at the best rates for the company as well as for the employees.

How do insurance agents decide what kind of insurance they want to sell?

First, an insurance broker has to determine what kind of insurance they want to sell, who they want to work for, or whether or not they want to run their own insurance agency. Before an insurance agent becomes licensed, he or she needs to figure out what type of insurance interests him or her. According to CPMI Professional Development, before becoming licensed, an agent must decide on these factors.

Individuals who are more interested in investments, family planning, or business continuation should sell life insurance policies.

Individuals who enjoy helping individuals or groups to find the medical coverage they need, should look into selling health insurance.

Once you make this decision, you can pursue licensing. Individuals who want to be an insurance agent must first pass the tests for licensing. Once they pass the tests, the new agent has to decide on employment. Insurance agents can work:

  • For large insurance companies
  • Work in an office where the agent represents many insurance companies
  • Run their own small insurance business as an independent broker or agent

Many companies sell both life and health insurance, but you may not receive the best coverage when you purchase life and health insurance from the same provider or when you purchase combined life insurance. You should base your insurance purchase on the coverage that meets your needs.

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