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Can a health insurance comparison save me money?

piggy bank on calculator save money on health insuranceIt seems obvious to state that yes, comparing health insurance can definitely save you money. You will be able to save money by comparing health insurance policies from different insurance providers, as well as by comparing different health insurance plans from the same provider.

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If you were to just settle for the first health insurance plan you researched, how would you know if the annual premiums or office co-pays that it charged for coverage were fair or not? You should always do research before you sign documents and before you spend a lot of money, and with health insurance you do are required to do both. Perform a health insurance comparison to make sure that you have the coverage you need at a good price from a reputable provider.

Make sure the health insurance company you choose is in financial good standing by checking out its rating from A.M. Best Company. You can also see how the provider handles any customer complaints by looking the company up on the branch of the Better Business Bureau located closest to its headquarters. When comparing all of the factors for health insurance companies, make sure you’re taking their financial strength and customer satisfaction into account.

How do I go about getting a health insurance comparison?

There are a few different ways to perform a health insurance comparison. If you’re not somebody who likes to do a lot of research, or if you just plain don’t have the time, then your best bet is to contact your local independent insurance agent. Talk to her about the coverage you’re looking for, including how many people you need covered, any pre-existing conditions, and how much you can afford to pay in premiums.

If you have other lines of insurance coverage, such as homeowner’s insurance or car insurance, you should also call your agent from those insurance companies and ask them whether they provide health insurance. If they do, compare their rates, and ask them whether they give a discount for multi-line coverage or multiple policies with their company.

You might also choose to use the Internet to do your own health insurance comparison. Obviously, our tool here makes it easy to compare health insurance quotes from providers in your area, but you might decide to get a more-detailed quote that is based on more than your zip code. To do this, you’ll need to provide information about your

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Family history
  • Personal medical history
  • Smoking habits
  • Drinking habits
  • Other factors that may affect your health in the future

What types of things should I be looking to compare?

You’re the one shopping for health insurance and looking to make a comparison, so you should decide personally, what factors you’d like to compare among the different health insurance providers. However, if the whole point of the comparison is to save you money, you need to make sure you’re comparing all of the things that end up costing you when you have health insurance coverage.

This includes checking to see what the health insurance policy costs in premium payments for the year. It also includes the price you pay for routine doctor office visits, as well as any co-pays for other services and specialist visits. If there’s a deductible on the policy, consider those as deductibles can vary greatly in amount. If you do go out of network to see a specialist, compare whether you need to get a referral first from the primary provider, as well as what percentage of that specialist’s cost is covered by the insurer.

Besides the monetary aspects of the comparison, be sure to compare the different policies themselves. Check which policy has the best coverage for your needs, as well as those of your family. If you tend to need prescriptions, make sure a prescription plan is included in the policy. If you see a chiropractor regularly, get a policy that will pay for all, or most, of your chiropractor’s fees. If you’re on your own and are in very good health, then compare policies that offer just the barebones, catastrophic health coverage.

Is the best way to save money to just not purchase health insurance?

Choosing to forgo health insurance coverage is not a recommended practice, even if you’re an athlete in tip-top shape with an amazingly good family health history. The reason for this is that none of us knows what the next day can bring. Unfortunately, any of us can have our health change without a moment’s notice. Accidents happen, medical catastrophes occur, and none of us has a crystal ball.

Don’t ever pass on health insurance in order to save a few dollars. The whole purpose of insurance of any type is to save us money should something occur to our health, our vehicle, our house. You may decide not to purchase the most complete, Rolls-Royce of health insurance plans. At least protect yourself in the event of an unplanned crisis such as a heart attack, cancer diagnosis, or car accident.

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