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Are there any specialized short term health insurance companies?

specialized short term health insuranceMost people think of health insurance coverage as the traditional policies that have deductibles, co-pays, networks, etc. This type of coverage is often available to employees through their work. There are other options for health coverage however. One of these options is short-term health insurance coverage.

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If you are unemployed, between jobs, or a recent graduate, you may not have the option of traditional health care coverage. In cases such as these, you may want to check into a short-term policy. Short-term policies are designed to fill gaps such as these. Although short-term policies do not provide the comprehensive coverage provided by traditional plans, they do provide assurance that you are covered in case of an accident or a serious medical condition.

There are definite positives and negatives to short-term health insurance plans. One of the positives is a much lower health insurance premium cost. On the negative side, however, if you have any type of pre-existing condition, you probably won’t be able to get coverage.

Short-term health insurance plans are not designed to cover pre-existing conditions. You will have to identify these conditions on a health questionnaire when you apply for coverage.

How long does short term health coverage last?

Short-term health insurance policies can be purchased for terms of one month, six months, or one year. These policies can be renewed after they term. However, if you filed any claims under your short-term policy, the company probably won’t renew the plan. They however, may offer you a new policy but any conditions that you experienced in the previous policy will be excluded.

Also with short-term coverage, the shorter the period opted, the lower the premium cost. Before deciding what length of coverage to elect, you should carefully consider your situation. Are you expecting to be covered under a group plan within six months? If so, then you should elect a six-month temporary policy. If group health insurance coverage is not in your immediate future, you may want to elect the one-year coverage.

Each state has different health insurance rules and regulations that effect short-term insurance plans. Before you make a coverage election, you should be sure to investigate your state’s rules.

What are some of the other advantages of a short-term policy?

specialized short term health insuranceIn addition to the benefit of less cost, a short-term policy does have other advantages. For one, you are not limited to a certain network as with other plans. You are free to choose your doctor, hospital, or other health care provider.

Short-term plans offer immediate coverage. You are insured from the day you sign up.

At the end of your short-term policy, you can normally obtain a Certificate of Credible Coverage from the insurance company. This is an important document to have – particularly if you become eligible for traditional coverage through an employer or otherwise. A Certificate of Credible Coverage will guarantee that your new plan cannot subject you to any exclusion for pre-existing conditions.

What are some other disadvantages of short-term health care insurance?

The biggest disadvantage of short-term health care insurance is, again, the fact that your coverage will be non-renewable if you had any claims under the plan. You may apply for a new policy, but any conditions for which you were treated under the previous policy will be excluded.

Here’s a real example of how that could have a big impact on your coverage: Let’s say that elect a six-month policy and you have an accident and are hospitalized on the last day of that coverage. Any charges incurred after that day will not be covered under the existing plan; also, even if you are able to get another short-term plan, the new plan won’t pick up these charges either.

Other disadvantages of short-term health care insurance are:

  • Does not cover pregnancy-related expenses
  • Usually have an age limit
  • You must meet complete a health questionnaire

Note that information from your questionnaire, including your height and weight, may exclude you from being able to obtain coverage.

Remember, short-term health insurance coverage is not the same as traditional insurance coverage. You should be very careful when choosing a policy. Identify your needs beforehand and research your particular state’s laws as they relate to this type of insurance.

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