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Are IUDs covered under ObamaCare?

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  • Birth control is part of the essential health Benefits under the Affordable Care Act
  • Insurers must provide one medicine or services from each of 18 approved contraception methods approved by the FDA
  • The IUD is an approved category of contraception
  • The IUD must be provided without copay of coinsurance by those plans that offer that type of birth control
  • IUD and Morning after pills are approved contraceptive methods

The Department of HHS issued a clarification of birth control requirements under the ACA and in this rule it expressly stated that IUD with progestin is an approved form of contraception. It is one of the 18 types of contraception currently approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Comparison shopping is the best way to determine value in insurance plans. This method identifies the critical elements of health care plans side by side for comparison. Start comparing insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above!

Benefits do not Cover Everything

Women will still have to pay for contraception drugs and services when their providers do not offer a particular drug or service which they prefer. The birth control benefit still permits a range of management choices. Insurers can act to reduce costs by using generics and other cost-saving steps. In these cases, some women may decide to prefer a brand name drug or the particular type of device. Many provider systems permit appeals and reconsideration of requests for name brands and a particular device.

Essential Health Benefits

Patient education and counseling are an important part of the essential benefits of Obamacare. Related to screening, testing, and other essential health benefits, knowledge is a key to long-term health and sound decision-making.

For many women, knowledge is a base that provides information for a lifetime of safe, and effective birth control.


Preventive services are preferable to medical treatment, and wellness is an important part of maintaining good health.

FDA Approved Contraceptives

The Birth Control Mandate includes FDA approved methods when prescribed by a doctor. They include but are not limited to the below-listed set of items.

  • Surgical sterilization
  • Devices such as diaphragms and sponges also known as barrier methods
  • Birth control pills and vaginal rings using hormonal compounds
  • Intrauterine devices (IUDs)and similar implanted devices
  • Plan B® and ella®, and Morning After and emergency medicines

Obamacare Means Dollars and Sense

For women who depend upon birth control services such as oral contraceptives and the intrauterine device, the Obamacare Birth Control Mandate saves money. Insurers must provide at least one medicine or service from the FDA-approved category of Intrauterine devices. An HHS study showed the range of savings or the women beneficiaries of the policy changes in the birth control Mandate. For women who gained these benefits, the average annual savings were approximately $248.00.

Reduced Spending on Contraception

The benefits of Obamacare policies on contraception have reduced the amount women need to spend to have effective birth control services. Specifically, he out of pocket expenses for women using oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices dropped by approximately twenty percent in the period after the rules went into effect. Obamacare requires insurers to offer these services without additional costs. However, some women might incur cost due to choices and preferences for brand name drugs or particular procedures.

Clear Statement of Policy on IUD and Birth control

The May 11, 20015 clarification by HHS cleared doubts about bit the types of approved birth control and the obligations of insurers to provide them. Insurers must provide at least one medicine or service from each of the 18 categories at no extra cost to consumers. Comparison shopping is an excellent tool for finding the best matches of insurance coverage and individual or family needs. Insurers have discretion in using lowest priced procedures and generic drugs when available. Comparison shopping can detect the choices that are most important. Start comparing health insurance rates now by entering your zip code in our FREE tool below!