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What is a health insurance cooperative?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Health insurance cooperatives are consumer-owned businesses that provide health insurance and managed health care services Health insurance cooperatives were common in the 1930s and 1940s particularity in rural America Health Insurance cooperatives have customers as their priority rather than profits Health insurance co-ops drive prices down to benefit their […]

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What does a “lifetime maximum” mean in health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Lifetime Maximums Apply to Every Health Insurance Policy Lifetime Maximums were Reclassified After the Affordable Care Act Essential Medical Services Don’t Apply to Lifetime Maximum Benefits [/su_box] When you’re reading through your insurance pamphlets, you’ve likely come across the term “lifetime maximum.” But, what does that mean? Below, we’ll […]

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Is health insurance taxable income?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Some health insurance premiums are tax deductible Premiums paid for Medicare may be deductible The amounts that may be considered tax deductible are limited [/su_box] With all the changes in tax law over the years and the Affordable Care Act only a few years old, people are still wondering […]

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What is a health insurance rider?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Riders are purchased separately from health insurance policies Riders can be added for many conditions or ailments Pregnancy and indemnity riders are the most popular Riders can be used to add or eliminate coverage from a policy [/su_box] Not every person or every family needs the same health care […]

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Are psychologists covered by health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Different insurance companies may have different policies regarding coverage for psychologists The mental health parity law passed in 2008 and requires insurers to offer coverage for mental and behavioral health services equivalent to what they offer for physical health services The Affordable Care Act also lists mental health treatment […]

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What is a self-funded medical insurance plan?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] There are two ways that a group plan or employer-based plan can be structured in two ways: either as a fully insured plan or a self-funded plan With a self-funded health plan, employers technically operate the health plan as opposed to a plan from an insurance company that would […]

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