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How do I change my health insurance when moving out of state?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] The type of plan will determine if it can be used elsewhere Some plans cannot be transferred Do not wait until the last minute to research your healthcare options Original Medicare can be transferred, but Medicare Advantage Plans cannot [/su_box] If you are moving to another state or even […]

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Health Insurance Once You Turn 26

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] You can stay on your parents’ insurance until you are 26 Once you turn 26, you need to find your own insurance You have some different options to find health insurance Do your research prior to turning 26 so that you will know what your choices are [/su_box] As […]

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What is meant by EPO in health insurance?

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] There are many types of managed healthcare organizations The EPO is a type of managed care organization They all involve health care resources called networks They have different ideas about using health care resources They have rules concerning customers use of outside resources [/su_box] The EPO or exclusive provider […]

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Switching Health Insurance Plans While Pregnant

[su_box title=”To sum it up…” style=”default”] Subscribers can switch plans during the open enrollment period After open enrollment period, switching needs an extension or exception Pregnancy is not a qualifying life event under the federal rules Childbirth is a qualifying event under the federal rules Life event coverage for childbirth relates back to the date […]

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