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What are some commercial health insurance companies?

Commercial health insurance is another term for private health insurance or any health insurance company that is for profit and is not managed by the government. Most people have health insurance through commercial health insurance companies. To research health insurance quotes you can compare those in your area enter your ZIP code into the FREE […]

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Are there any Christian health insurance companies?

There are no Christian health insurance companies to speak of in the United States. However, there are Christian healthcare sharing organizations which provide a service similar to standard health insurance. This is not a free health insurance option by any means, although the service works by collecting voluntary contributions from all members and using that money […]

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Are cheap health insurance companies trustworthy?

Cheap insurance does not necessarily mean low quality. There are many low cost health insurance options available that are from trustworthy companies. Researching companies and products will help you find a health insurance plan to fit your needs and budget. The best way to start is to compare quotes from several health insurance companies. Put […]

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How do cheap individual health insurance companies work?

Cheap individual health insurance companies actually do exist. These companies survive and thrive because they have found ways to limit the risk they take on. Consumers need to understand how cheap individual health insurance companies work so that they can make sure they obtain the most appropriate coverage possible. To get health insurance coverage choices from […]

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How do I find the cheapest health insurance companies?

Usually the cheapest health insurance companies you can find will be through your employer, since they usually get a group health insurance rate and pay some portion of the health insurance premiums. If you have recently become unemployed, you may find that COBRA health insurance, which is offered to people immediately after they leave a […]

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Can health insurance companies drop you at any time?

Health insurance companies are regulated by the federal government and state laws. They have strict guidelines outlining how and when a health insurance policy can be canceled. Health insurance policies can be canceled at any time but not for any reason. The reason must follow guidelines set forth by the laws. Finding health insurance that […]

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Where can I get a quick health insurance plan comparison?

There are a number of places where you can get a quick health insurance comparison, and most of them are online. The comparisons come in different formats, including comparisons of price, customer reviews, types of plans offered, and more. You can start your comparison here with the FREE quote tool; compare health insurance rates just […]

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