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Can health insurance companies require tests before covering me?

Many people worry about health insurance companies requiring medical tests before they can get insurance. This stems from the fear of discovering some type of preexisting condition. The good news is that while health insurance companies can require medical screenings most companies do not. The bad news is the reason they do not is because […]

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What are the biggest health insurance companies?

Many of the biggest health insurance companies in the country are names that you are probably familiar with. UnitedHealth Group, Wellpoint, Kaiser Foundation Group, Aetna, Humana, Cigna, Coventry Health Care and Blue Cross Blue Shield are amongst the largest health insurance companies you may recognize. If you would like to compare health insurance rates from […]

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Is it possible to find just catastrophic health insurance companies?

Catastrophic health insurance plans can refer to a variety of different insurance products. It can mean a high deductible plan or a major medical plan. Some specialty plans are also occasionally called catastrophic insurance plans. All of these types of policies can be purchased individually or as part of another plan. You can find companies that […]

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Is there such thing as a managed care health insurance plan?

Managed care plans are fairly popular these days. There are several different options to consider with managed care plans, but choosing the right one for you can be challenging. It’s important to know each of the different types of health insurance plans and to make a choice that best encompasses your needs and your family’s […]

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Best Medicare Health Insurance Companies

Medicare is one of the most complicated types of senior health insurance on the market. If you qualify for Medicare you must choose your level of coverage and for some levels a health insurance company. Understanding what you need will help you find the best health insurance company for you. Enter your ZIP code into […]

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Finding an Affordable Health Insurance Plan

Finding an affordable health insurance plan is usually a matter of shopping around carefully, with some knowledge of health insurance on your side. Even some of the top rated health insurance companies are affordable! While there are a variety of factors to consider when it comes to health insurance, there are many options available if […]

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Has anyone had success appealing health insurance company decisions?

If you ever decide you have reason to appeal a decision made by your health insurance company, rest assured that there are plenty of others who have successfully gone before you. Health insurance companies are denying claims for a number of reasons. Despite what you may have heard from anti-insurance advocates, most of them are […]

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How can I spot bad health insurance companies?

Listening to the arguments set forth by proponents of government run healthcare might lead you to believe that all health insurance companies are bad. But that’s not really the truth. Rather than trying to spot scam health insurance companies, consumers would be better off looking for bad policies. Entering your ZIP code into our FREE […]

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What are the perks of family health insurance companies?

There are a number of perks of family health insurance companies, including cost savings and preventive care. Family health insurance is the best choice for individuals who are unable to get insurance coverage through their employer. Although it is often more expensive than insurance through an employer, family health insurance is cheaper than purchasing plans […]

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