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Why are health insurance companies denying claims?

Health insurance companies are denying claims for a number of reasons, including exclusions, fraud, misinformation, and clerical errors. When you pay premiums for insurance coverage, you probably expect that your claims will be paid automatically. That is not necessarily the case! It is convenient and FREE to compare health insurance rates just by typing in your ZIP […]

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Where can I find a health insurance companies directory?

These days the best place to find a health insurance companies directory is on the internet. Each state has its own regulations for insurance so the types and number of health insurance companies in each state will vary. It is always good to check out a number of companies before choosing one because the benefits […]

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Are there any health insurance companies against Obama’s plan?

There hasn’t been any health insurance company that’s directly criticized the new Obama health care plan, but their actions speak so much louder. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing! Most health insurance companies have said it is because of the health care reform laws. To check out the premiums and receive FREE health insurance quotes, use […]

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How much do health insurance companies collect annually?

There are some big changes being made to the healthcare system in the United States. Most of these changes will affect how much health insurance companies will collect annually. However, in the past three years health insurance companies have seen huge profits in certain aspects of health care. To research and compare the cost of […]

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Health Insurance Companies Comparison

When you are looking for health insurance it is important to do a health insurance comparison. Not all health insurance is the same! There are a wide variety of plans and price points; in order for you to get the right insurance, you should compare a number of companies. You can compare online health insurance rates for […]

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