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Why are health insurance companies for individuals successful?

There are a number of reasons why health insurance companies for private individuals are successful, including the price of the plans and the number of individuals purchasing them. In the past, most people were getting health insurance through their employers. For those who weren’t employed and/or had low incomes, the government provided them with health […]

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Are there any health insurance companies for mentally ill people?

There are health insurance companies to meet the needs of all individuals. Even those who are mentally ill can obtain health insurance. In fact, certain common types of mental illnesses will have very little impact on health insurance at all. Other mental illnesses can provide huge challenges to finding affordable health insurance. To find health […]

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What are some specialty health insurance companies for pastors?

If you’re looking for some specialty health insurance companies for pastors and other church workers, the unfortunate truth is that you probably won’t find any. Pastors are no different from any other sort of employee, and must obtain health insurance through normal channels. However, there are a couple of alternatives if a church or its […]

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What can health insurance companies for self employed people offer me?

Health insurance companies can offer a variety of forms of coverage for self employed people. Depending on your health and any pre-existing conditions, you may be eligible for individual health insurance which covers major medical or catastrophic health insurance coverage. You may also want to look at high risk coverage. To get health insurance rates […]

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Can I compare health insurance companies for seniors?

There are a few different ways to compare health insurance companies for seniors. One way would be to pick a few of the most well known health care companies and visit their websites or call them for a quote. Another easy way to compare health insurance companies for seniors would be to use comparison sites […]

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What are some good health insurance companies for small business coverage?

There are quite a few good health insurance companies that offer coverage for small businesses. These include Aetna, United Health Care, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana and just about every other major carrier. Of course, there are several factors that a small business owner must consider when choosing an insurance carrier. Some of these include […]

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