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How much personal health insurance do I need?

The amount of personal health insurance you need is really a personal decision. However, you should make sure that you have enough health insurance to cover medical expenses that you know you are going to experience as well as the medical expenses that are unexpected. Compare online health insurance rates by entering your zip code now! […]

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Where can I compare health insurance for pregnant women?

While it’s a given that most people view pregnancy and having babies as a wonderful thing, the cost issues involved can sometimes be overwhelming. Making matters worse is the fact that comparing health insurance for pregnant women is no easy task. A mother who has health insurance before she becomes pregnant usually has no insurance issues. […]

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What is supplemental health insurance?

Supplemental health insurance is a health insurance policy, which helps to pay for medical expenses that are not covered under your regular health insurance policy. If you find your policy is missing coverage, a supplemental policy might help you make your insurance coverage complete. Compare health insurance quotes now by entering your zip code now. […]

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Where can I compare health insurance for self employed people?

It is commonly believed that the largest group of individuals without health insurance is the unemployed. While this is true, the number one group of uninsured individuals among those who are working are the self-employed. These are individuals who are sole proprietors employing five or fewer people who simply cannot afford to pay for medical insurance. […]

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Will my child need college student health insurance?

Your child may not need college student health insurance, especially if they are on your policy. If your child does not have any type of coverage, a college plan or some type of short-term policy may be an alternative to nothing at all. Rather than place the family bank account in a financial sinkhole, a […]

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When do I need to buy family health insurance?

You can buy family health insurance privately from an insurance broker or agency or as a group policy from your employer. If your employer offers a group policy, which you are eligible for, this, is usually the best coverage. However, if your employer does not offer a group policy for your family, you may have to […]

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Where can I find high risk health insurance?

Affordable health insurance has been a hot topic of discussion over the last several years in light of the federal government’s passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act in 2010. At the center of the discussion has been what’s known as “pre-existing conditions,” something that prevents high risk consumers from procuring their own private insurance. If […]

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Where can I find cheap individual health insurance options?

You can find cheap individual health insurance plans privately from an insurance broker or agency or if you are eligible for a group policy from your employer. Usually a group policy through your employer is the least expensive option. However, with rising health costs and employer’s cutting employee benefits, private insurance is becoming more of a […]

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What are the top health insurance options?

According to statistics published by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS, nearly 20% of Americans, more than 60 million persons, were enrolled in Medicaid programs during fiscal 2008. 50% of all Medicaid enrollees are children under the age of 18. This represents almost 40% of all children who live in the United States. […]

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