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Is HSA health insurance a good option for me?

According to recent statistics, more than 11 million Americans have chosen HSA or Health Savings Account type programs to help meet their individual and family health insurance needs. There are many benefits associated with these programs but consumers should shop carefully and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of insurance program before making a […]

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What makes health insurance rates increase?

Health insurance rates are based on the costs of necessary and needful medical services, prescriptions and other products that the insurance is designed to cover. Premium rates are also based on the likelihood or risk that the insurance company will have to pay for these products and services on behalf of their subscribers. Put your […]

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What small business health insurance options are available?

Group health insurance is usually the only reasonable and economical insurance option for individuals and small businesses. As competition increases amongst insurance companies, more health options are available than ever before. Options that were previously available only to employees of a large corporation are now available to individuals and small businesses. For accurate, up-to-the-minute health insurance […]

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Does my company health insurance cover my family too?

The best way to find out whether your company health insurance plan covers your family too is to ask the person at your company who handles the employee benefits; usually a Human Resources representative. Depending on your company’s size, there might even be a dedicated benefits administrator. You can also look at your plan’s description, or […]

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Do I need maternity health insurance?

Yes! The estimated cost for delivery of your baby, alone, is between six and eight thousand dollars. This estimate is based on a normal, uncomplicated delivery. If there are complications during pregnancy or a high-risk delivery becomes necessary, the costs can be much, much higher. Enter your zip code here for the latest information about […]

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Does my healthcare history affect my health insurance bill?

A person’s medical history can affect their health insurance coverage if they have preexisting conditions. Preexisting conditions can make it hard for someone to find an affordable individual health insurance plan. In some situations, depending on the health insurance provider and preexisting condition, the health insurance company can just refuse to offer coverage. Compare health insurance […]

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