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Do I need supplemental health insurance for Medicare?

Supplemental health insurance is used by many individuals to complement existing health insurance coverage. It is most often used to fill in the gaps left by Medicare coverage. Many find that Medicare does not cover all of their health care needs. To cover your health care needs, use your zip code to get health insurance […]

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Why do I need a health insurance exam?

Some health insurance providers require a person to have an exam before they are eligible to purchase coverage. The reason for this is to see if the potential policyholder has any conditions that the insurance provider does not want to cover. Enter your ZIP now to compare health insurance rates side-by-side! Health insurance companies do […]

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Is there such a thing as health insurance for families?

Yes, there are many health insurance plans available for families. The majority of health insurance providers offer plans for employers, individuals, and families. There are also options for low-income families available through most state programs. The free online tool above lets you compare health insurance rates by just entering your ZIP! Health insurance is an […]

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