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United Security Health Insurance Company

The United Security Life and Health Insurance Company has been serving customers since 1973. The company offers life and health insurance products.Read this United Security Health Insurance review to see if this is the right health insurance provider for you.

United Security also has policies that cover policyholders against cancer and provides an income if they are unable to work due to disability. United Security is committed to providing affordable coverage for the people it serves.

Read through this United Security Life and Health Insurance Company review, browse the customer reviews of United Security Insurance at the bottom of this page, and then compare free quotes from various health insurers online by entering your zip into the box on the side of this page.

United Security Unlimited Access Plan

The Unlimited Access Plan offered by United Security provides protection to individuals who are not covered by a group health insurance plan. Self-employed people, as well as those who have retired early or recently graduated from college or university can get the protection they need by signing up for the Unlimited Access Plan. The plan is available with deductibles at these levels: $500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000.

People who choose a higher premium rate for their coverage get the benefit of lower monthly premiums. Once the policy has been issued and as long as the premiums are paid on time, the company cannot cancel it. Premium rates are guaranteed for a full 12 months.

People who choose to go with the Unlimited Access Plan can get care from any doctor or hospital of their choice without a reduction in the level of benefits they are entitled to. No referral is needed if you want to see a specialist. This coverage option includes benefits for preventive care, dental care, and maternity coverage. It also includes term life coverage and an accidental death and dismemberment benefit. Emergency and hospital care, as well as laboratory fees and x-rays are covered under the policy.

United Security HealthSelect PPO Plan

The HealthSelect PPO Plan offers members access to care from over 680,000 health care providers. Multiple deductible levels ($500, $1,000, $2,500, and $5,000) are available, which means customers can control how much they will pay for their health care coverage.

Plan members pay $25 per non-preventive visit to a doctor and the plan covers 100 percent of the cost once it’s paid, up to $500 per year per covered person. This coverage option has a $5 million lifetime policy limit per person named in the policy. Wellness screenings, pap smears, immunizations, mammograms and checkups for adults are all covered. This coverage option also provides maternity benefits, as well as dental benefits and term life coverage.

United Security Preferred Value High Deductible Plan

A high deductible health insurance plan is a good choice for people who want to keep their health insurance premiums down but still have protection against major health expenses. This coverage option gives you $5 million in lifetime protection.

Copays with the high deductible plan are set at $30 per visit, and up to four are covered for each year. Wellness services, such as checkups for adults, mammograms, and immunizations are covered (up to $200 per year). If you choose to seek treatment from an out-of-network provider, benefit levels are reduced. Emergency medical care, hospital stays, x-rays and laboratory tests are all covered under the plan.

United Security Healthy Savings Plan (HSA-Qualified Plan)

With a HSA-Qualified Plan, subscribers are able to deposit funds into a separate savings account. The money is used to pay for eligible health care expenses until the annual deducible is reached. Once the plan member has reached his or her deductible, the Healthy Savings Plan pays out for covered benefits. Individuals can choose from the following deductible levels: $1,500, $2,500, $3,750 and $5,000. Family coverage deductibles are $2,500, $5,000 and $7,500.

The money deposited into a Health Savings Account is tax deductible. The funds grow in the saving account on a tax-free basis. As long as they are withdrawn to pay for eligible medical expenses, the plan member can do so on a tax-free basis.

Other Products Offered by United Security

This company also offers a short-term health insurance plan. This option gives the plan member $2 million in health insurance coverage for up to six months. They can get treatment from any doctor or hospital in the United States under this plan.

Disability insurance is another coverage option offered by United Security. Benefits may be payable for up to five years. United’s disability plans also feature short waiting times before coverage kicks in.

First Benefit Cancer insurance is another plan available from this company. It pays out a cash benefit of between $10,000 and $50,000, depending on the level of coverage selected. The money can be used to pay for bills, treatment, or any other purpose.

Compare United Security Health Insurance Quotes

Do any of the policy options offered by United Security Life and Health Insurance Company sound like a good fit for you? Why don’t you take the next step and get some quotes from this provider and others by clicking on the free tool at the top of this page? If you already have United Security health insurance quotes then you can compare the quotes you have with quotes from many top insurance providers. It only takes a moment for you to see how affordable protection can be. Get started finding the best health insurance provider today!

2 Comments to “United Security Health Insurance Company”

  1. W Thomas Henderson says:

    “As a former employee of (then)United Security Life Insurance Company, I can attest to the fact that, at the time (and while working as the Claims Supervisor for the Health Insurance Department), I was routinely directed to invalidate any substantial (and legitimate)interest payments on health claims which were processed beyond the required due dates which would avoid the incurring of such penalties.

    Moreover, on more than one occasion, I experienced significant negative implications for qualifying valid payments for large amount claims. As a direct result of some of the practices of United Security Life Insurance Company, the State of Arizona initiated a prolonged audit of claims originating from that state, by which the systematic non-payment of interest payments on overdue claims was discovered.

    It is my sincere belief that, as a result of this finding, it was determined that I would be solely scapegoated,and was pressured to resign. This was after a period where I was essentially given sole responsibility of ferreting out personnel issues (e.g. absenteeism, low productivity, etc.)which had created a genuine crisis of logistical stability for the company.

    On one occasion, I was ostracized for having prepared a memo outlining my concerns about a particular former employee’s pattern of harassment of fellow employees. After this employee was later terminated for physical harassment, I was told that serious consideration was given to submitting this very same memo for evidence to the State Employment Commission when said employee appeal a denial of unemployment benefits. T

    o my mind, this vividly illuminates the nature of the attitudes which did then pervade at United Security Life Insurance Company.”

  2. Cara I. P says:

    “BEWARE! DO NOT GET HEALTH INSURANCE WITH OXFORD UNITED HEALTHCARE – They are liars, misleading in order to make a commission, omit information NOT COVERED and make the price sound enticing without giving you all the details.

    Once you accept, DO NOT BE SHOCKED AT THE BILL YOU RECEIVE. The sales force work on commission and know absolutely nothing. They will sell anything to make a sale. Some of the customer reps are rude, unprofessional and reflect the company suitably. They thrive off your misfortune and do not care. That is why there are so many complaints.

    The company just does not give a d*** about their customers and it is obvious by the service they provide. You will have nothing but grief if you elect to use them. In all the years I have had health insurance I have never run into so many problems at all. THEY ARE MINUS STARS AND BELIEVE ME, AS AN R.N. THAT KNOWS THE PROFESSION, YOU WILL MINUS BIG TIME IN YOUR CHECKBOOK and there is not a damn thing you can do except take them court.”


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