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Unimerica Health Insurance Company

Unimerica Insurance Company is a UnitedHealth Group company. UnitedHealth, is a diverse health care organization, which promotes the health and general well being of all of its many clients and policy holders, more than 70 million strong in the United States. UnitedHealth, through its many subsidiaries, showed profits of 4.6 billion dollars in 2010 making it one of the largest and most successful health insurance companies in the nation!

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UnitedHealth Political Activity

As a giant in the health insurance industry, UnitedHealth is a powerful force among Washington lobbyists. In 2010, UnitedHealth spent almost $3 million promoting legislation favorable to the health insurance industry. UnitedHealth directly supports several lobbyists and political action committees.

UnitedHealth believes that health care can and should be sustainable in the future and works tirelessly to bring about positive and lasting changes through its legislative efforts both locally and nationally. According to UnitedHealth, there are six areas of priority:

  • Giving voice to individual patients and their providers
  • Systemic modernization of health care management and delivery
  • Providing better service to traditionally underserved markets
  • Holding the line on costs of health care products and medical services
  • Improving payment methods and management
  • Revamping Medicare

UnitedHealth Ratings

J.D. Powers gives UnitedHealth consistently high marks for satisfaction for its employer funded health plans. The American Medical Association (AMA) also rates UnitedHealth’s programs highly. “Business Insurance” recently named UnitedHealth as their people’s choice winner for best health provider.

UnitedHealth Group headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

UnitedHealth Group

PO Box 1459

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55440


UnitedHealth Products and Services

UnitedHealth has two main divisions, UnitedHealthcare, and Optum. UnitedHealthcare concentrates on health benefit programs and management services for employers and individuals including:

  • Medicare supplementary programs
  • Retirement health care
  • Medicaid and other public health care

Optum provides service related support through three main programs:

  • OptumHealth specializes in managed care and wellness. Optum also provides advocacy and support services in such diverse areas as mental health and substance abuse. Optum divisions also include a financial services company.
  • OptumInsight, a health care information network
  • OptumRx assists retail pharmacy outlets in processing claims and with other specialty programs.

UnitedHealthcare Products

Whether you’re looking for an individual health plan, excellent health coverage for your employees or Medicare or Medicaid supplemental coverage, UnitedHealthcare has a program specifically tailored to fit your needs. Individual health plans include traditional copayment programs or high deductible plans featuring lower monthly premium payments. There are also health savings account programs. Short-term health coverage is available as well for those with gaps in their coverage.

For Medicare recipients, UnitedHealthcare underwrites supplemental medical and prescription drug programs for AARP as well as other membership and health management groups across the country. Depending on your state of residence, various program options are available including a “dual advantage” plan for Medicare clients who also receive Medicaid benefits. Other plans include HMO coverage or allow for the selection of private practitioners.

Medicaid supplemental programs offer a variety of choices including community family plans and special programs just for children under the age of 19. There are also several programs that combine services for Medicare recipients.

More information about UnitedHealthcare employer plans may be obtained by finding a broker on United’s employer page. United offers several group options and specialty programs such as vision and dental insurance.

Helping people lead healthier lives is the main goal of both UnitedHealthcare and OptumHealth divisions. OptumHealth specializes in providing support services and care management to its more than 60 million clients. Examples of OptumHealth services include:

  • Support for treatment decisions
  • Management and treatment plans for specific diseases and disorders
  • Wellness and physical health programs
  • Special programs focusing on women’s health issues
  • Support for a variety of behavioral issues
  • Collaborative program care
  • Financial services support

UnitedHealth in the Community

UnitedHealth sponsors many worthwhile charitable causes and events throughout the United States. In 2010, children’s hospitals in Minnesota were the beneficiaries of a 17.5 million dollar gift from UnitedHealthcare. UnitedHealth is also a major sponsor of the “Make-a-Wish Foundation and the American Heart Association in its home state of Minnesota.

UnitedHealth Careers

UnitedHealth Group features very informative and interactive career pages, which allows the user to search for UnitedHealth jobs in different career disciplines, find information about the company, and how apply through the website. UnitedHealth also includes a very informative section on its college recruiting program.

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