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Sound Health Insurance Company

The Sound Health Insurance Company offers health insurance coverage to people who are relatively young and in good health. The company offers different health insurance plans with several levels of coverage. The Sound Health Insurance Company focuses on this specific niche market with coverage available for health care, dental and vision coverage.

The parent company of the Sound health insurance plans is UniCare (click here to read the full UniCare Health Insurance Company Review).

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Sound Health Plans

Sound Health Insurance likes to keep their health insurance plans simple and easy to understand. While you may not like to think about what would happen if you got sick or became injured, buying health insurance is a very responsible thing to do. If you apply for coverage while you are healthy, you will be able to get the protection you need at an affordable price.

The health insurance plans offered by Sound Health Insurance operate like a Health Maintenance Organization. With this model of health care, subscribers can get the medical care they need from a group of healthcare providers and hospitals that have agreed to be part of the plan’s network of providers. In return for access to a large pool of potential patients, the providers agree to offer their services at a reduced rate. Healthcare providers may include doctors, dentists, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and other practitioners.

These lower prices are passed on to plan subscribers. A person who is looking for affordable coverage and who is prepared to live with the restrictions that this coverage model includes can get the protection they need without having to spend a lot on premiums. Before you choose this type of coverage, make sure that you find out how many providers have agreed to be part of the network and what geographic regions are covered. If you are away from home and need medical care, you want to be sure that you have coverage. You should also ask for a list of hospitals that are part of the provider network when you are considering this coverage model.

The Gravity Bender

The most economical plan offered by this insurance company is called the Gravity Bender. This is a high-deductible health insurance plan. Once you have paid the $5,000 deductible in a calendar year, you can start to get benefits under the plan. This insurance option has a lifetime limit of $5 million.

When you choose to seek medical treatment from doctors and hospitals that are part of the UniCare provider network, this plan covers the cost of surgery, x-rays, lab work and preventive care. The plan member is only required to make a $40 copayment.

Going outside of the provider network means a lower level of covered services. You will only be covered for half the cost of your treatments, so it really does pay to stay within the network when you need medical care. The annual deductible when getting treatment from outside the network is higher than with in-network services, and the annual maximum for out of pocket expenses increases to $15,000 per year plus deductibles.

The Curb Jumper

Another plan option offered by Sound Health is the package called the Curb Jumper. It has a $3,000 deductible and offers a 100% benefit when you seek treatment from a participating healthcare provider. A $40 co-pay is required when you access services.

Choosing to get treatment from a doctor or a hospital outside of the network means that you will only have coverage for 50% of the cost of your care. As in the case of the Gravity Bender, the annual out of pocket maximum when you get treatment outside of the network is $15,000 in addition to the deductible.

The Cruiser

The Cruiser offers a lower annual deductible than the two plans mentioned above. Once a subscriber meets the $1,500 deductible, they are only required to pay a $40 co-pay for doctors’ visits, hospital stays, surgery, x-rays, and lab tests. Staying within the plan’s provider network pays off, since going outside of it means that only half of your covered medical expenses will be paid. You will also be required to pay an additional deductible of $15,000 per calendar year.

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