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Old United Health Insurance Company

Old United Life Insurance Company, the subject of this health insurance review, is part of a larger entity known as Old United Insurance Companies. The entire group operates as a subsidiary of Van Enterprises, Inc. Marine-related insurance for boat owners and anglers is the major focus of the group. However, Old United Life Insurance Company does offer standard life policies, as well as annuities and certain types of retirement-focused securities.

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Old United and its sister companies do not offer direct health insurance products per se. Some of their marine products do include coverage for bodily injury resulting from an accident. However, just like an auto policy, this coverage is supplemental in nature. It does not kick in until the policyholder’s primary medical insurance is exhausted.

In all likelihood, this coverage probably has some limits of its own. The company’s life insurance offerings also provide a limited amount of supplemental coverage.

According to records, we were able to obtain from the state of Texas it appears as though Old United was at one time involved in health insurance. To what extent, we’re not sure. However, we were able to uncover a lawsuit filed against the company for deceptive business practices. The documents showed the case was in the discovery process with no indication of how, or if, it was resolved. We assume that this case might have contributed in some way to the company getting out of the health insurance business.

Old United Agents

The Old United group of companies is active in all 50 states and utilizes an extensive network of local, independent agents. Known as producers in the business, these agents work directly with underwriters and customers as middlemen of sorts. Companies like Old United prefer to use local agents because it allows them to be more competitive across all of their markets. It also provides for a more personalized relationship in the eyes of the customer.

Old United provides a tool on its website to help consumers find a local agent in their area. It is one of the easiest tools we have seen, utilizing a drop-down box rather than a zip code-based search. To find an agent, you simply select your state from the drop-down menu and then click the appropriate button. Almost instantly, you are presented with a list of all the agents in that particular state.

Old United Claims

Old United provides a several different means by which consumers can file a claim. The first method is to contact the corporate office claims center and speak with a live representative. A representative will gather the appropriate information, get the claims process started, and instruct you as to what you need to do next.

The second method of claims is to file an online form through the company’s corporate website. Depending on the type of insurance product you have and the scope of the claim, you’ll be asked a variety of questions on this claim form. When you’re done you submit it online and then wait for it to be reviewed by a claims specialist. That individual contacted to let you know how your claims going and what else you might need to do.

The third option for claims is to contact the local agent who sold you the policy. Local agents can get the claims process started for you, but you will ultimately have to deal with the parent company at one point or another. Old United, like many other nationwide insurance companies, prefers that you initiate claims service directly with them if.

Old United Locations

The company’s corporate website lists only a single address based in Kansas. It’s rather difficult for us to believe that a company of this size would be limited to a single office, but we couldn’t find any other local or regional offices using our standard search criteria. For your convenience, we have listed below the corporate contact information.

Old United Insurance Companies
8500 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Suite 200
Merriam, KS 66202

Old United Financial Ratings

Most large insurance companies in the United States sign up with a financial ratings services company like A.M. Best. Old United is one of those companies. A.M. Best recently reaffirmed its ratings of “BBB+” and “stable” for Old United.

While these ratings certainly could be better than they are, they still provide sufficient proof that the company is doing well financially. It could be that in their case, the down economy has hurt both sales and ownership of watercraft, which would result in less income for the company.

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