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Old Reliable Health Insurance Company

An Old Reliable Health Insurance Company review leads to Kemper Home Services Companies of which Old Reliable Insurance Company is an affiliate. This company provides life insurance, accident insurance, health insurance, and fire insurance. They are one of the few companies that still make house calls.

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Kemper Home Services has been in business for 100 years; however, they just recently changed their name from Unitrin to join the Kemper group of companies. Kemper has a strong, firm base. Changing the company’s name to Kemper means that more people can take advantage of more products, services, and policies.

Old Reliable Insurance Company Life Insurance

Old Reliable Insurance Company has the majority of their client base because of their life insurance program. It is the most popular type of coverage provided by Old Reliable. The product is sold through a division of the company called Reliable Life Insurance. Reliable Life Insurance is different because all premium amounts are calculated based on the financial status of the individual so it is affordable for all.

Reliable Life Insurance hires agents that specialize in home services. This means that they travel to the home of the potential client in order to discuss life insurance options. Meeting in the home of the client provides a more comfortable setting for the discussions about assets and beneficiaries that a necessary to write a life insurance plan.

Meeting in the home of the client also allows the client to have direct access to the paperwork needed to file for life insurance. This paperwork may include:

  • Birth certificates
  • Pay stubs
  • Medical records
  • Social security numbers
  • In some cases, proof of dependents such as a spouse or children

Old Reliable Insurance Company Health and Accident Insurance

Old Reliable Insurance Company health and accident insurance is provided through United Insurance, another branch of the company. They do not offer full health insurance coverage, but instead offer a type of health coverage referred to as First Occurrence. First Occurrence coverage is for the first onset of heart attacks and cancer.

The payout for these first occurrences comes in the form of a lump sum benefit. As soon as the diagnosis is made and verified by Old Reliable, the lump sum amount of the policy is paid out. This money can be used as the covered individual sees fit. It can be used for medical expenses, to make up for lost wages, or for any other purpose. The purpose does not have to be directly related to the heart attack or cancer.

United Insurance also manages the accident coverage provided by Old Reliable Insurance Company. It is a straightforward accidental death and dismemberment coverage. This policy pays out the predetermined amount in the case of an accidental death or an accidental dismemberment that leads to a disability or rehabilitation.

It is important to look over your health insurance coverage before purchasing accidental death and dismemberment supplemental coverage. Many traditional insurance policies, both life and health, already provide for this type of injury or death, so additional coverage is not needed.

Old Reliable Insurance Company Fire Insurance

Old Reliable Insurance Company provides fire insurance through its company United Insurance. United Insurance has a branch called United Casualty Insurance Company of America and Commonwealth Mutual Fire Insurance Company that does the underwriting specifically for fire insurance. It is the oldest branch of the company and operates in all 50 states.

Some homeowners’ insurance policies cover fire and others do not. If you have a homeowner’s insurance policy that does not cover fire, it is very important to find fire coverage. Even a small fire or the smoke from a fire can damage belongings and ruin a home. Fire coverage is essential to protecting your home and belongings.

When purchasing a fire policy, a pre-determined limit of liability is set. This is the amount that is paid out when a fire destroys or damages your home. The liability limit is based on the actual cash value of what was lost in the fire. This is why it is very important to document through either pictures, receipts, or a video what you have in your home and keep the documentation away from the home.

You can enter your zip code in the free box on this page now to receive personal health insurance rates and quotes from several top companies.

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