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Nova Health Insurance Company

A review of the Nova Health Insurance Company leads to Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc. This company has been in existence since 1982 and deals with self-funded employee benefit programs. As part of its continued growth, it was acquired by its current parent company Independent Health in 2003, which allowed the company to expand their previous offerings and offer new products. Both companies have a reputation for being dependable and supplying quality services.

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Nova Health Insurance Philosophy

Nova’s website states their mission is “to provide insurance products and services that offer affordable access to quality healthcare.” To this end, they are devoted to maintaining a focus on managing their customer’s plans. They keep the plans affordable, while leaving the medical decisions to those best qualified, doctors.

Nova Health Insurance Self-Funding Programs

A self-funded plan is one that is funded by an employer through his or her own funds versus through a health insurer. The health insurer administers the plan, while the employer pays the claims.

Nova Healthcare Administrators specializes in the third party administration of self-funded benefit plans for such entities as corporations, municipalities, and unions.

Nova Health Insurance and Independent Health Products

Nova and Independent Health offer a wide range of services and solutions to the customers they serve. These include such benefit plans as:

  • Medical plans
  • Dental plans
  • Vision plans
  • Prescription plans
  • Flexible spending accounts

Nova Healthcare Administrators also provides administration for both COBRA and HIPAA requirements to their customers to ensure regulations pertaining to both are followed correctly. This in turn provides assurance that proper notification, waiting periods, and required compliance with the federal laws are followed.

In addition to the aforementioned services, Nova also offers stop loss insurance to provide protection to their customers from catastrophic loss. The two types offered are:

Specific stop loss coverage, also known as individual stop loss, that reimburses the customer for the excess of claims made for any covered individual that exceed the set deductible during a covered policy year.

Aggregate stop loss coverage protects the customer from excess claims in total from its entire group of employees. The carrier computes a preset amount, also known as an “attachment point.” The employer is reimbursed for the excess if the total of all claims exceed this point.

Independent Health became the first HMO to be qualified federally in Western New York in 1980. The company has become an industry leader in managed care and has continued to evolve. Through their for-profit subsidiary Independent Health Corporation, they offer such products as:

  • PPOs
  • HMOs
  • Self-funded services
  • Pharmacy benefit management services
  • Reimbursement account administration

Nova Health Insurance Organization Affiliations

Nova remains current with the evolving changes and laws within the healthcare industry through memberships in the following organizations:

  • New York State Chapter of Third Party Administrators
  • Certified COBRA Administrators

This allows Nova to provide accurate and up-to-date knowledge to their clients that may have an effect on their subscribed plans.

Nova Health Insurance Providers

Nova’s medical plans include providers from the following networks:

  • Nova Medicalcare Network
  • InterGroup Services Corporation
  • Independent Health
  • Beech Street Corporation
  • Devon Health Services
  • MedCost Preferred
  • PHCS
  • MedNet
  • First Health
  • PPO Next

Nova’s dental plans include providers from the following networks:

  • NOVA Dentalcare Network
  • NOVA Premium Dentalcare Network
  • Connection Dental – PPOUSA
  • Dental Health Alliance, LLC
  • DenteMax

Nova’s vision plans include providers from the following networks:

  • VSP
  • EyeMed Vision Care

Nova Health Insurance Company Contact Information

Nova Healthcare Administrators, Inc.
P.O. Box 9050
Buffalo, NY 14231
Phone number: 716-773-2122
Toll-free phone number: 800-999-5703

Independent Health
511 Farber Lakes Dr.
Williamsville, NY 14221
Phone number: 716-631-3001
Toll-free phone number: 800-443-1910

Nova Health Insurance Company Ratings

Neither Nova Healthcare Administrators nor Independent Health is rated by A.M. Best, the insurance rating agency. While it is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Nova currently holds an “F” rating. This is due to one complaint in the past three years to the BBB to which the company did not respond. However, Nova’s parent company, Independent Health has been accredited by the BBB since October 1, 1985 and maintains a rating of “A+.”

It is important to keep in mind while shopping for health insurance to always check for any available ratings, which will give you an indication of how the company is doing financially in addition to how they conduct their business.

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  1. amy says:

    Stay away from this company!!!!!! The reps give wrong information leading to nothing but the customer putting in many hours of their own time to straighten out the damage NOVA does. The phone reps are basically useless. I have spent hours on the phone trying to fix mistakes from NOVA. Every Dr office I speak with groans when I mention NOVA. I have never run into anyone even remotely happy with NOVA.


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