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Northern Assurance Company of America Health Insurance Company

The Northern Assurance Company of America is a wholly owned subsidiary of insurance giant OneBeacon. The parent company was originally located in the Boston, Massachusetts area. It provides a wide range of insurance services in all fifty United States. OneBeacon has only been in existence for 10 years, since 2001, with the combination of the White Mountain Insurance Group and the US operations of the international insurance company CGU. The OneBeacon name, an employee contest winner, comes from the local address of the original home office at 1 Beacon St in Boston. Today, OneBeacon is a holding company located in Bermuda operating 12 separate specialty insurance business enterprises.

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OneBeacon boasts three separate corporate offices. Contact information for these offices is as follows:

US Corporate Headquarters:
OneBeacon Insurance Group
601 Carlson Parkway
Suite 600
Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305

Automated billing information may be obtained by calling: 877-434-3900

Customer service representatives may be reached by calling the same number during business hours, 8 am – 5 pm, Monday through Friday, Eastern Time.

The other two OneBeacon Corporate offices are located on the island of Bermuda at:

14 Wesley St., 5th Floor
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

Clarendon House
2 Church St
Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda

The OneBeacon Insurance Group is a large and quite diverse insurance organization. The homepage, www.onebeacon.com, shows a colorful display of logos from the dozen principal companies that make up the OneBeacon Group. This group includes:

  • International Marine Underwriters who insure ocean-going vessels and provide a full spectrum of marine insurances.
  • OneBeacon Energy group who insures energy producers and related businesses, including renewable and alternative energy forms.
  • OneBeacon Technology Insurance maintains its focus on the ever-evolving tech industry serving its risk and insurance needs.
  • OneBeacon Property and Inland Marine provide inland insurance products and services.
  • A.W.G. Dewar markets a tuition protection plan, which refunds a student’s tuition and fees if the student withdraws or is dismissed from school.
  • OneBeacon Entertainment insures the entertainment industry, sports, and recreational industries with specialized coverage.
  • The Hagerty Insurance Agency covers vintage automobiles and boats and other collectibles
  • OneBeacon Accident Group analyzes and develops innovative insurance solutions for the transportation industry and other corporate clients.
  • OneBeacon Government Risks covers the insurance needs of public agencies, and middle-sized towns, cities and counties.

OneBeacon Professional Insurance provides a broad range of products and insurance services to industrial concerns.

  • OneBeacon Environmental helps its client companies lower their exposure to environmental issues and other risks.
  • OneBeacon Specialty property also writes coverage for inland marine businesses above conventional policy limits.

Each of these companies has its own website, which may also be accessed from the OneBeacon homepage.

OneBeacon Insurance Group Ratings

A.M. Best gives OneBeacon consistent excellent (A) ratings. Moody’s rates OneBeacon as good (A2) while Standard and Poor’s rates OneBeacon as strong (A-). Fitch also gives OneBeacon a strong (A) rating for this most recent reporting period.

OneBeacon Careers

As a leader in the insurance industry, OneBeacon contracts only the best and most experienced agents to market their programs across the United States. OneBeacon engages a network of brokers, wholesalers, and independent agents with the intent to provide ample coverage as well as excellent customer service.

For corporate positions, OneBeacon offers attractive benefit packages including health and wellness benefits, matching retirement programs and additional financial incentives. Applications for available positions may be accessed from the OneBeacon career center webpage.

OneBeacon Customer Service

OneBeacon prides itself on providing superior service to all its clients. Local claims adjusters are empowered to make speedy and equitable decisions. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to insure the fastest possible turnaround time for each claim.

OneBeacon’s website features one of the most detailed and comprehensive investor relations pages in the industry. OneBeacon recently declared a dividend on its common stock for the most recent quarter signifying strong sales and third quarter profits.

OneBeacon’s stock, OB on the New York Stock Exchange has been trading at or near its 2011 high of $13.36 per share, another indication of OneBeacon’s financial strength and stability even in these times of slow economic growth.

The following insurance companies underwrite policies for and are subsidiaries of OneBeacon:

  • Atlantic Specialty
  • Camden Fire
  • Employer’s Fire
  • Essentia
  • Homeland of New York
  • Northern Assurance
  • Pennsylvania General
  • Traders and General
  • OneBeacon
  • OneBeacon America
  • OneBeacon Midwest

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