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As of January 1, 2003, the Northbrook Life Insurance Company merged into the Allstate Life Insurance Company, ceasing operations as an independent business concern. The Northbrook Indemnity Company, also located in Northbrook, Illinois is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Allstate Corporation. The balance of this review will provide some history and contextual background information on the mega-giant Allstate Insurance Corporation.

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The Allstate Insurance Corporation is the number two personal insurance provider in the United States, behind only State Farm. The company also operates throughout Canada. In 2009, Allstate generated 32 billion dollars in revenue. The lion’s share of this income, more than 26 billion dollars, came from property liability policies.

Allstate began in 1931 as a part of the giant retailer Sears, Roebuck and Company. It became a separate company in 1993. The Allstate name, originally a Sear’s trademarked tire brand, was selected from more than 2 million entries in a contest sponsored by the retail chain. In 1930, a local insurance broker suggested the notion of selling insurance by mail order, to then president Robert Wood. By 1931, Sears began selling automobile insurance policies by direct mail and through its well-established catalogue.

In the 1950s, Allstate gradually expanded its insurance lines. Fire insurance was added in 1954 followed by life and homeowner’s insurance policies in 1957.

Allstate Products and Services

Allstate’s principal business line is still automobile insurance and as Allstate is consistently one of the most admired insurance companies in the country, they take great pains to provide comprehensive and affordable automobile protection. Allstate offers a special teenage incentive program to promote safe driving habits among younger drivers. This program includes rewards like Starbuck’s gift certificates and other popular items.

Allstate also insures sport and recreational vehicles such as:

  • Boats
  • Motorcycles
  • Snowmobiles
  • All-terrain vehicle
  • Motor homes

Allstate insures over 16 million households in the United States. Property coverage protects homeowners, renters, and owners of co-ops, condominiums, townhomes, and many other kinds of residential real property. As with other Allstate insurance programs, there are many available discounts, including reduced premiums for senior citizens and those with alarms and other protection devices. There are also multiple policy discounts.

Other current Allstate products include life insurance and a variety of retirement programs. Recent Allstate programs provide for supplemental health care. These plans cover expenses that traditional health policies do not cover. Allstate offers policies for cancer patients, those who have suffered an accident or are disabled and those customers who are in need of critical treatment and care due to an extended illness or injury.

Allstate Customer Service

Allstate’s advertising slogan, “You’re in good hands with Allstate,” has been in general use since its creation in 1950. The Company presents the image of an old, reliable, and trusted friend. Actor Dennis Haysbert became the company spokesperson in 2003.

Not surprisingly, the Allstate Insurance website, prominently displays a link for recent victims of Hurricane Irene where claims may be filed on-line. They have also included a toll free number, 800-54STORM. In times of local, regional, or national emergencies and other natural disasters, Allstate dispatches mobile claim center vans to assist those hardest hit by these catastrophic events and to provide immediate relief to policyholders who have often suffered devastating losses.

Allstate Rate Quotes

Unlike most other websites that require you contact a local agent or submit a written request for more information, Allstate gives you an exact auto insurance quote with several plans and payment options, on-line, while you wait. Coverage details are also spelled out for each of the options. While submitting your information through the Allstate website, you’re also given a choice of speaking directly with an Allstate representative.

Once you have your rate quote, you may sign the dotted line and pay for your new policy without ever talking with an agent. The process is quick, efficient, and fully automated. However, if you do have questions, at any point in the application process you may summon live help, phone the service center, or contact a local agent for assistance or more information.

Allstate Corporate Sponsorships

As befitting a company of its size and scope, Allstate proudly sponsors many world-class teams and sporting events including the New Orleans Saints, the Sugar Bowl, NASCAR, College Football, Professional Soccer, and the United States Olympic Hall of Fame.

Please enter your zip code for free online up-to-date health insurance quotes!

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