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National Western Health Insurance Company

This National Western Health Insurance Company Review will discuss the National Western Life Insurance Company. This company is based out of Austin, Texas and has a rating of A, or excellent, from A.M. Best. National Western provides quality insurance products for certain market segments. Most of these products are life insurance policies and unfortunately, the company does not sell health insurance.

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National Western Insurance Company Location

Headquartered out of Texas, the address for the National Western Life Insurance Company is:

850 E Anderson Lane
Austin, TX, 78752- 1602

National Western Insurance Company Telephone Numbers

The phone number for National Western Insurance is 512-836-1010 and the fax number is 512-719-8511. The toll free number for the front desk is 800-531-5442. For client services, the number is 800-922-9422 and the number for the agent hotline is 800-760-3434.

National Western Insurance Company Products

The National Western Life Insurance Company has a variety of insurance products to help with your financial needs. The main products that National Western offers are annuities, life insurance, and Roth IRAs.

National Western Insurance Company Annuities

Annuities are tax-deferred and are a way to hold money during retirement or accumulate it for your retirement years.

An annuity is not a health insurance or life insurance policy, nor is it a savings certificate, savings account, or investment product. It is a financial product that builds up interest that is tax-deferred. It provides systematic payouts on certain schedules of retirement income. It is meant to be long-term, and not for short-term purposes.

There are a number of different contracts for annuities. One thing that differentiates them is when and how the benefits are received. Immediate annuities are those that provide payments that begin shortly after the premium is paid for. Deferred annuities are those that provide payments at a later start.

Another thing that differentiates annuities is how the premium payments are paid. Annuities can be single premium, which means that you pay only one premium to the company. If you have an installment premium, you have flexible payment options. You can pay when you want with however much you want, as long as it stays within certain limits.

Annuities may be indexed, fixed, or a combo of both. With fixed annuities, the insurance company declares a current interest rate, guarantees the premium, and guarantees a rate of return. With fixed- indexed annuities, the interest rates are partly linked to the equity market. The benefit is that you get the gains from equities but are not exposed to the risk of them dropping. They have a fixed minimum guarantee so that it never declines.

National Western Insurance Company Life Insurance

Life insurance is a good thing to have to pass on to your family or dependents when you pass away. There are different types of life insurance so it is best to do your research before deciding which kind to purchase.

Term life insurance is a policy that pays benefits for a certain amount of time. It is the more affordable choice in terms of life insurance and is a good choice for more temporary situations or when you are just starting out.

Universal life insurance is a product in which you earn cash value. Your premiums earn interest and some policies allow you to vary your payments every year. National Western has a variety of universal and term life policies from which to choose.

National Western Insurance Company Roth IRA

Roth IRAs are products that help you contribute to your retirement security. When you make contributions, the amount is not tax-deductible but the growth and distributions are not taxed. You can start withdrawing money out of your account at the age of 59 1/2.

Some of those who would benefit from a Roth IRA include those who do not have another plan such as:

  • 401(k)
  • Earn a higher income
  • Close to retirement and can use other funds to pay the taxes
  • Need to save for their first home
  • Think that their income tax bracket at retirement will be higher
  • Would like their IRA accounts to be left to their children tax-free

Your National Western representative can help you decide if a Roth IRA is a good choice for you.

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