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Mid-Century Health Insurance Company

Mid-Century Health Insurance Company is actually known as Mid-Century Insurance Company of Texas, and is a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance. Farmers offers a wide product set of insurance products, everything from auto insurance to home and life insurance, however they do not offer health insurance.

Are you one of the many American’s without proper health insurance coverage? Don’t delay your search any longer, enter your zip code and find affordable health insurance quotes, tailored to your area.

One provider that is making strides in the overall American marketplace is Primerica Health Insurance, who operates as PFI Benefits. Their goal is to offer the nearly 50 million Americans that aren’t protected with health coverage with an alternative they can afford.

PFI Benefits Insurance Products

Here are some the products this provider offers its subscribers:

RxPlus Discount Card

One of the greatest advantages of choosing Primerica Health Insurance as your provider is that you can download your free discount card offline right now!

Prescription Drugs

After you download your RxPlus discount card, you will be able to take advantage of discounted pharmaceutical drugs at 50,000 U.S. pharmacy locations. The average amount of savings on prescription drugs with the card is a whopping 34%, and never below 25%!

Laboratory Imaging

Primerica and PFI Benefits understands that if you experience an injury that requires an emergency x-ray or scan, you might not have time to get to your primary care physician or hospital you should choose to visit. Because of this, they have initiated a pre-paid service that allows you to visit any lab in your time of need, without requiring a doctor’s note or signature of approval. All you have to do to make sure you are covered is visit the online medical lab.

Maternity Leave

PFI Benefits wants to make sure that all mothers-to-be receive the best care, and that it doesn’t break the bank. With your RxPlus discount card, you can receive up to 50% off all the costs leading up to and including the birth of your child. This includes visits to the doctor before the birth, including sonograms, all the way up to the costs of the delivery itself! If you’d like to find out a little more on this extraordinary benefit, visit Pregnancy Now.

Eye Care

PFI Benefits have partnered with American retailer JCPenney to provide a 25% discount when you bring your RxPlus card to purchase new prescription bifocals. The selection is limitless, and you can even choose eyewear from the latest designers! JCPenney is committed to providing you with experience that you would encounter at any eye doctor’s office around the country, and that is why they staff these departments with expert physicians and optometrists.

Surgical Procedures

If you happen to be in need of surgery, but are worried about the sometimes-daunting costs of the procedure, visit the PFI Benefits homepage  and find out how you could save up to 80% of your final bill!

Negotiating Your Bill

Together, with Medical Cost Advocate PFI Benefits is proud to offer negotiating services, to make sure you aren’t paying too much for your medical expenses. These expert negotiators will fight to reduce your bill, and you will not have to pay them if you don’t receive any savings. Typically, they are able to get 20-50% of your bill back from these medical providers. If you’d like to start saving on your overpriced medical procedures, visit the link above, and enter the promo code: PFI1100!

Hearing Aids

As you may have learned through reading this article, PFI Benefits is able to offer these great discounts through their many partnerships. When you use your RxPlus card at any of Beltone’s locations, you can receive 15% off your hearing aids purchase. You can also receive discounts for both you and your immediately family if you should require any professional hearing screenings, as well.

Diabetes Treatment

PFI Benefits understands that Diabetes is a disease that has to be proactively monitored on a day-to-day basis, and to help reduce the costs associated with treatment, they offer up to 60% savings on your product needs. A few of the included products are any sort of monitoring equipment to test your blood pressure and blood sugar as well as any sort of special foods that will help your dietary regimen. Finally, they can ship these products to you within 24 hours time, and if you happen to spend over one hundred dollars, it’s free shipping!

Health Savings Account

This particular plan is growing in popularity because of its tax advantages. PFI Benefits offers a high deductible alternative, at a rate of $1,100 for individuals and $2,200 for families.

Do you have adequate health insurance coverage? Find out now, by comparing with other health insurance quotes. Enter your zip code now.

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