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Landmark Health Insurance Company

When it comes to insurance products and services, there appears to be almost an unlimited number of companies using the word “landmark” in their names. Upon further review, it is apparent that most of these entities are local insurance agencies in cities and towns across the country. In order to be a bit more concise, we have chosen Landmark Healthcare of Sacramento, California as the subject of this review. Of all the entities, they are the only one to offer health insurance.

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Landmark Healthcare should not be confused with the Landmark Life Insurance Company or landmarkhealthinsurance.com. The former is a Texas-based company offering only life insurance products while the latter is a website offering links and information to companies involved in the health insurance business. This company is a stand-alone entity providing individual health insurance plans, TPA plans, and services to client or employer groups.

Landmark Healthcare Philosophy

According to their website, Landmark Healthcare strives to keep health care costs as low as possible through a variety of means. First, they cite their commitment to helping manage medical care costs through administration and patient-focused service, centered on providing only what is necessary for good health. Secondly, the company employs state-of-the-art analytics in studying the business practices of healthcare professionals, reimbursement statistics, customer access, and service descriptions.

Landmark Healthcare’s analytics are used to compare their statistics with national norms in the specific categories they’re dealing with. By making, such comparisons the company can better understand how to keep health care costs down. Understanding their analytical results also helps them better deal with the other two aspects of their philosophy: patient care and claims of administration.

As a marketing tool, the company describes each of these individual points as landmarks. The idea behind the concept is that by keeping each of the landmarks in sight at all times, the company will never lose its way.

Landmark Healthcare Brokers

It appears as though Landmark Healthcare only does business in the state of California. To that end, they work with a network of brokers located throughout the state. It is the responsibility of these brokers to represent Landmark with both individual customers and corporate clients. Where individual customers are concerned, the relationship would be similar to that of a local car or life insurance agency and his customer.

In terms of commercial clients, brokers are responsible for assessing the needs of each client and then offering a health insurance package suitable for them. That health insurance package is then combined by the employer into his benefits packages and offered to employees. By using brokers to perform this task, Landmark Healthcare is better able to custom-build healthcare plans that center on the specific needs of an employer and his employees.

Landmark Healthcare Network

A brief perusal of the company’s corporate website reveals a list of more than half-a-dozen organizations that make up the Landmark network. Physicians, chiropractors, and other types of doctors can all become part of the Landmark network by participating in one of these other organizations. It’s not clear whether they can join Landmark without membership to another organization. Regardless, the list of network providers in the state of California is rather extensive.

Like other companies utilizing this business model, Landmark requires subscribers to seek care through a network provider if possible. In emergencies that are deemed life threatening, subscribers should obviously go to the nearest provider, regardless of whether or not they are in the network. The same can be said when subscribers are in need of care when out of the state of California. Nonetheless, in order to keep costs down, subscribers get the best rates when they use a network provider.

Landmark Healthcare Job Opportunities

Landmark Healthcare has a careers section on their website where they ostensibly list job openings. At this time there appears to be no job openings available, so it’s not possible for us to describe the process of applying online. If they are like most companies, Landmark probably provides a searchable database when job openings are available. That database would most likely include descriptions and requirements for each job opening along with application instructions.

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