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Knights of Peter Claver Health Insurance Company

The Knights of Peter Claver is an international charitable organization made up of practicing Catholic men and women. The organization is modeled after the Knights of Columbus but was founded in 1909, in Mobile, Alabama, for a more specific purpose. Their founder was Father Conrad F. Rebesher, a Catholic priest of the Josephite order who was heavily involved in the late 1800s in aiding former slaves and their families during Southern Reconstruction. For this reason, the Knights of Peter Claver is an organization whose membership is predominantly made up of African-Americans.

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The organization has three distinct divisions: the main body made up of men, the ladies’ auxiliary, and the youth auxiliary. They tend to be a bit more external in their mission – as opposed to the more internal mission of the Knights of Columbus. Therefore, unlike the Knights of Columbus, they only provide life insurance to their members. They do not offer the retirement products, disability insurance, and long-term care coverage that the other organization does.

Knights of Peter Claver Life Insurance

It’s difficult to say exactly how the organization’s life insurance policy works since they publish no details about its online. What can be said is that new members are not offered life insurance until they have served for a specified amount of time and have reached certain milestones. When they are accepted for full membership, they are eligible to receive life insurance. The death benefits paid out by this policy are determined by the age of the individual upon his or her death.

It must be noted that the insurance documents we were able to find for the Knights of Peter Claver were dated 2002 or earlier. It’s quite possible that significant changes have occurred within the organization since that time; changes that would affect their life insurance offerings. It is also possible that they are providing other types of insurance now. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t enough information available to make any concrete statements.

Knights of Peter Claver Agents and Locations

Because of this organization’s insurance operations appear to be quite limited, it is unlikely that they utilize local agents to service their policies. It appears as though their life insurance policy is a blanket one without any customizations or options. If so, members who decide to avail themselves of the insurance would probably fill out a simple form given to them by their chapter organization, which they would complete and submit to the national office.

As far as locations go, the Knights of Peter Claver includes 298 councils for men, 312 ladies’ courts, and 123 junior councils. The organization is divided into six geographical regions within the United States, making its headquarters in New Orleans. Their address and contact information is as follows:

Knights of Peter Claver, Inc.
1825 Orleans Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70116-2825
Telephone: (504) 821-4225

Knights of Peter Claver Claims

We assume that life insurance claims with the Knights of Peter Claver work the same way as with a standard life insurance company. Claim forms will list the underwriter of the policy along with contact information and claims instructions. In the event of the death of the policyholder, forms would be submitted by surviving family members or the estate shortly thereafter. Once the underwriter receives documents and reviews them, the death benefit will be paid to the member’s beneficiaries.

On their website, the Knights of Peter Claver provide the documents for claims and beneficiary changes. Those documents can be freely downloaded in PDF format for your convenience. It should be noted that most of the documents are outdated; the website claims as of 2008 that the organization was working on the new documents.

Knights of Peter Claver Further Information

Unfortunately, the organization’s website is lacking in detailed information about their insurance offerings. For that matter, it’s vague in regards to all of their programs and services. If you need more information, you are urged to contact them through their national headquarters, a regional office, or even your local chapter. One of these contacts ought to provide you with all the information you need about the organization.

Because the Knights of Peter Claver is a charitable organization whose primary goal is to help those in need, don’t expect them to provide members with a whole host of benefits. The whole idea the organization is not to consume, but rather to give. If you were to join them simply to receive health insurance benefits, that would be to miss the point. Life insurance serves only as a “thank you” of sorts to the faithful men, women, and children who serve their communities through their local chapter.

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