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Homesite Health Insurance Company

The Homesite Indemnity Company was incorporated in 1959 in the state of Kansas under the name Cimmaron Casualty Company. Through the years, it has changed its name, location, and ownership several times. They were also known as Plains Insurance Company at one time and were part of Fireman’s Fund Insurance. Today, Homesite Indemnity Company is part of the Homesite Group, a holding company formed in 1997 to consolidate the insurance operations of Homesite Indemnity and other group companies.

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According to records from the Texas’ Insurance Department, Homesite Indemnity provided multiple lines of insurance including automobile, home, health, life, and umbrella. However, after the consolidation under the Homesite Group, all insurance lines were dropped except those having to do with homes. Today Homesite Indemnity operates primarily as an underwriter for homeowners, condominium, and renters’ policies provided by the Homesite Group.

Homesite Locations

Although records in both Texas and Kansas list Topeka as the location of Homesite Indemnity’s headquarters, their official mailing address is the same as parent company Homesite Group. We were unable to find verifiable information on the Kansas location so we have included the address of the headquarters below. As a side note, the parent company lists only their headquarters address and phone number under their contact information.

Homesite Indemnity Company
99 Bedford Street
Boston, MA 02111

Phone: (617) 832-1300
Toll Free: (800) 466-3748

Homesite Agents

A thorough search of Homesite Group’s website as well as other industry sites seems to indicate that the company does not utilize independent agents or producers. The careers link on their webpage further indicates that they employ a direct sales force rather than using independent agents. This type of direct-to-customer business affords Homesite Group more control over how policies are written and serviced. Although many insurance companies utilize local, independent agents it’s not a business model that works for everyone.

In order to speak with a sales representative, interested customers could call the corporate office or send an e-mail. They will be happy to assign a salesperson who will call you and work with you on new policies. Homesite’s sales force is fully trained and knowledgeable in all the insurance lines that carry and how they apply in individual states.

Homesite Quotes and Customer Service

Since Homesite only offers three types of policies, having an online quote tool is something that’s easy to do. On the front page of their website, you’ll find their tool, which begins the process by simply asking for your zip code. From there, the quote tool will ask specific questions depending on the type of policy you’re after and calculate the return of quote to you. The entire process can be completed in just a few minutes.

Keep in mind that any quote returned by this automated tool is merely a best guess based on the information provided. Once your information has been verified, your actual premium could go up or down.

In addition to their automated quote tool, Homesite makes use of the Internet in allowing customers to manage their policies and accounts online. Existing customers can modify existing policies, make payments, contact customer service, and even inquire about new policies. Of course, customers who prefer to deal with Homesite to the phone are provided with a toll-free customer service number.

Since customer service is so important to Homesite, their website also contains a section of resources. Here customers can find articles, FAQs, a calculator for renters to determine their insurance coverage needs, and more. By providing this service, Homesite is keeping its customers informed and up-to-date.

Homesite Claims

Homesite believes that its philosophy of claims of service is the one thing that sets them apart from other insurance companies. According to their website, Homesite is focused on customer satisfaction as the ultimate measure of their success. Rather than base claims on the financial bottom line, the company says that the happiness of their policyholders is the first priority of claims service. If that’s true, it is certainly a departure from what some other insurance companies practice.

To begin the claims process policyholders can log on to their online account or contact the company through a toll-free telephone number provided on their website. It appears as though they prefer the telephone option in order to expedite customer claims. Their claims center is staffed 24-hours per day to process your claim in a timely manner.

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