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Health Insurance Company of North America

An Internet search revealed that no company by the name of Health Insurance Company of North America ever existed. However, The Insurance Company of North America is now a part of the Cigna Network. Therefore, Cigna is being reviewed in its place. Cigna is one of the largest health insurance providers in the US. Currently, nearly 30,000 people are employed with Cigna.

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Since Cigna was first created in the year 1982 when the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company and the Health Insurance Company of America were joined together, this health insurance provider has grown tremendously. Cigna offers both traditional health insurance plans as well as Medicare supplementary insurance.

Cigna Health Insurance Locations

The headquarters for Cigna is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Customers can get in contact with Cigna by writing or visiting this location:

1601 Chestnut St # 1
Philadelphia, PA 19192

Cigna also has several phone numbers that can be utilized 24 hours a day. Existing customers and potential clients can call 800-244-6224 to get up to date information.

There is also a web portal for Cigna customers, participating doctors, and group rate policy purchasers. Because Cigna is a large company, it prefers all customers to use the web portal in order to get the highest level of customer care.

Cigna Careers

On the company website, there is detailed information about employment opportunities at Cigna. Because Cigna has a prominent presence in all 50 states, there are job opening all over the country. Applicants are able to find job opening online and then submit their resumes to as many different listings as they want. Cigna has several different internship programs available for college student and recent graduates that are interested in entering the insurance industry.

Little information is available on the company website describing the types of benefits that Cigna extends; however, individual job openings do go into detail. Cigna offers all of its employees medical coverage, 401K options and other benefits after the probationary period. The company also gives job prospects helpful tips and strategies for creating better resumes and interviewing successfully for the jobs in which they have applied.

Cigna Health Insurance Products

There are several different kinds of insurance plans offered by Cigna. Medical coverage can be purchased by families, individuals, and employers. Cigna also has different levels of coverage available for Medicare enrollees that want supplementary plans. Dental, vision, life, disability, and accidental insurance plans are also offered by Cigna.

After coverage is purchased by a new customer, they are able to sign into to the Cigna web portal using their username and password. Insurance documents, brochures and other materials can be downloaded. In addition, customers are able to change their personal preferences, update their contact information, and get information on participating health care facilities and doctors by logging on to the website.

Cigna Health Insurance Quotes

Prospective Cigna customers are able to get health insurance quotes through local agents, over the phone or online. General questions are asked in order to form a profile and help to establish rates. Consumers that use the Cigna online health insurance quote portal also have the option of adjusting their policies until they are able to get the level of coverage that they want at an affordable price. Quotes can be saved and recalled at a later date.

Other insurance products offered by Cigna can be purchased after getting a quote. These products are sometimes a part of a bundle, but in other cases, they can be bought individually. After a new Cigna insurance policy is purchased, customers will get comprehensive information, including which doctors they are able to visit.

Cigna Customer Service

Generally, Cigna customers will have little interaction with customer service representatives. Because they are able to navigate the Cigna web portal, insurance claims can be submitted and new insurance products can be purchased online. For customers that do get in contact with Cigna over the phone, their experiences are usually positive. Agents can be contacted 24 hours a day, therefore, the questions and concerns of clients are almost always addressed the very first time.

Cigna also has thousands of insurance agents that work out of satellite offices. These insurance agents may also sell products offered by different providers; however, they are still required to be knowledgeable about Cigna. Experiences may vary when consumers visit independent agents.

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