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Gateway Accident & Health Insurance Company

The Gateway Accident & Health Insurance Company is international in its scope and specializes in health and property coverage for individuals or groups who are non-citizens who are visiting the United States for business, leisure or cultural exchange purposes or US citizens who are traveling abroad for similar reasons. They have five main products, namely, Gateway USA, Gateway International, Gateway Premier, Gateway Global and Gateway Visit America.

Although similar in name this company is not to be confused with Gateway Health Plan, Inc. (click here to read the review of Gateway Health Plan, Inc.)

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All of the Gateway Accident and Health Plans offer medical and travel assistance as well as varying levels of coverage for medical expenses, emergency medical evaluation, accidental death and dismemberment and repatriation of remains. Gateway Premier and Gateway Global plans include coverage for return of minors. One of the Gateway Global plans includes political evacuation and repatriation. The plans also vary by the length of term of coverage and who they are designed to cover.

Gateway USA is for those who are not United States citizens, but who are traveling to the United States for academic, cultural, training or business reasons. The term of this plan ranges from 15 days to 36 months. Gateway USA Plan A has a $50,000 maximum for coverage per injury or illness and Plan B has a 100,000 maximum. Both Plans A and B have $150 deductibles per person per term.

Those traveling outside their home land, but who are not US citizens, can qualify for the Gateway International Plan. This plan has a deductible of $100 per person per term and can have terms between 15 and 180 days.

Gateway Premier is for people who are traveling outside of their home country for extended periods of time. The term of this plan can be between six months to five years. The plan has deductible options of $100, $500 or $1000 per person per year. Coverage for those over 65 year of age is limited to $100,000 and coverage for return visits is limited to $50,000. Gateway Premier is a renewable plan.

Gateway Global is designed for Americans traveling abroad and has two types of coverage. Gateway Global 1 is for those who make shorter more frequent trips and Gateway Global 2 is for those who will be out of the country for longer periods of time. This coverage can be used for either business or leisure travel and does not require advanced notice.

Foreign nationals coming to the United States for leisure might be interested in the Gateway Visit America plan. The plan has terms between 15 days to six months. A deductible of $150 per person per condition applies.

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