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Fortis Health Insurance Company

Assurant Health Insurance Company (formerly known as Fortis Health Insurance Company) provides health insurance for both individuals and businesses. In business since 1986, Assurant was one of the first insurance companies to offer a Health Insurance Account, an option that allows individuals with high deductibles to put some of their pay into a tax-free account that can be used towards deductible costs as they arise.

All the information below on Assurant will be helpful to you if you were initially looking for information on the Fortis Health Insurance Company. Read the reviews of Fortis Health Insurance at the bottom of the page left by past customers of Fortis, read this quick summary of Assurant (click here to read the full review of Assurant), and then use the free health insurance quote tool on the side of the page to find and compare quotes from top health insurance providers online.

Assurant is a Fortune 500 company with over 15,000 employees, making it one of the more stable health insurance companies in the United States. Assurant health insurance is underwritten by three companies: Time Insurance Company, John Alden Life Insurance Company and Union Security Insurance Company. Assurant offers health insurance options for individuals and small businesses. For individuals they offer managed care plans (or network plans), traditional indemnity plans, Health Access, Student Select p and short-term plans. There managed care plans are called MaxPlan, CoreMed, RightStart and Health Savings Account Plan. The history of the Fortis/Assurant relationship can be viewed here in timeline form.

HMO’s and PPO’s are the options that Assurant offers for managed care plans. These plans are similar in that they both have a network of doctors for you to choose from. An HMO, however, is more limiting than a PPO and you cannot go out of network if you choose this plan unless you are prepared to pay entirely out of pocket. In addition, an HMO requires that a visit to the hospital (outside of an emergency) or a specialist be approved by the HMO before you can receive the care that you need.

A PPO offers a little more flexibility. While you do have a network of doctors to choose from, if you should choose to go outside of the plan then you are able to; but, at an additional cost to you. This means that if your doctor charges $100 for an office visit and your PPO only covers $75, in addition to your co-pay, you will pay an additional $25 dollars for your care. Also, a PPO plan does not require that approval be obtained before going to a specialist or a hospital, instead all that is required is a referral.

A traditional indemnity plan is a plan that offers you complete flexibility in your choice of care providers. This is great if you desire that flexibility and also if you live in an area that is not convenient to the doctors found in network plans. With an indemnity plan, you are literally in charge of your own medial destiny, as you go to the doctor when you need to, whether it is your family doctor or a specialist. Indemnity plans are typically much more expensive than managed care plans.

Health Access is a limited health insurance coverage policy. This policy provides you coverage for the most common services that people receive, such as doctor’s visits, immunizations, physicals, etc. This coverage is very affordable; however, it is not comprehensive. You do have the option of three plan choices, the basic plan or two upgrades that allow you to include emergency care coverage and hospital stays at an additional cost.

Many pre-college students do not realize that most colleges require that their students carry health insurance to attend. Assurant offers students the option of Student Select, a plan designed for college students of all levels (undergrad and graduate students). Students qualify if they have at least nine hours a week in school and can no longer be covered on their parents’ health insurance plan (if it exists).

Sort-term insurance is a limited insurance that, with Assurant, is good for six months. This coverage is available for those who are in-between jobs and will be getting insurance through their new job, waiting for another insurance to become active, who have used COBRA until it expired, or who need coverage until they figure out what they want to do about their health insurance. Once your short-term insurance has expired, you cannot renew it; however, you can apply again and see if you are approved. It is important to note that short-term insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions.

Assurant health insurance is available in 45 of the 50 states. They are able to cover so much territory because they have chosen three of the most widely used underwriters available. This massive territory means that if you move to another state, it is very likely that you will be able to convert your policy to the state you have moved too. This kind of flexibility is very important in a health insurance plan.

Choosing health insurance for you and your family can seem like a complex process. However, the truth is, by using our free quote tool at the top of the page; you can compare the rates of Assurant with many other well-known and established health insurance companies. You will only have to fill out your information one time and then you will receive your quotes. If you have any questions about any of the plans mentioned above, whether Assurant is available in your state, or about health insurance in general then take a moment to speak a highly qualified independent agent. Start comparing health insurance providers online by entering your zip code without delay!

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