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Financial Health Insurance Company of America

A review of the Financial Health Insurance Company of America discovered an insolvent business. Instead, we found American Health and Life Insurance Company located in Ft Worth, TX that was incorporated in 1954. This business has an A (Excellent) rating with A.M. Best the most recognizable insurance rating company in the industry. American Health and Life Insurance Company offer several health insurance plans in addition to whole, term and other life insurance products.

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American Health and Life Insurance Company is licensed to conduct business in several states throughout the country. They pride themselves in being able to provide you with the best coverage to suit your family’s needs. Individual coverage is also available to those who may need supplemental insurance or a primary medical plan.

Many single people believe they do not need an insurance policy because they do not have a family. These are the individuals who work in administration, temporary, part time, and positions similar. Construction workers, truck drivers, and those who work in jobs that are more dangerous know the importance of having a health insurance policy.

American Health and Life Insurance Company Plans for Individuals

There are several reasons why individuals believe they can get by without a health insurance plan. Some reasons given are as follows:

  • I am young with a low likelihood of getting seriously ill.
  • I can always go to an immediate healthcare facility in my community.
  • It is an unnecessary expense for a single person.
  • My job does not offer it.

Although these are sufficient reasons not to invest in a healthcare plan, accidents happen to young people also. Although these instances are rare, when they happen, the expense can run up quickly.

Even a basic plan can make a single person feel secure about the possibilities of what can happen. A basic insurance plan could be a discount medical plan, an accident and dismemberment plan, or a simple discount dental plan. American Health and Life Insurance Company can offer you a variety of similar plans to fit your lifestyle.

Major medical plans are also made available by this insurer to cover extended hospital stays. This type of coverage can save a person from financial devastation. It may also afford you the best level of hospitalization and convalescent care.

American Health and Life Insurance Company and Other Plans

American Health and Life Insurance can offer you other healthcare plans as well. If you are in need of a standard plan for prevention screenings, doctor visits, labs, and x-rays, this type of coverage is offered in addition to supplemental coverage. It works under a PPO plan, which is otherwise known as a preferred provider plan.

The alternative is an HMO, which is a health maintenance organization. This is the type of coverage that is offered through many businesses. With a PPO however, you have more flexibility with regard to provider choices.

To save money, you must choose a network provider. Otherwise, your out of pocket expense will be higher. This outfit also offers long-term care as part of their list of services. Long-term care is for nursing home facilities, or hospice care.

Travel insurance is another line of coverage offered by American Health and Life Insurance Company. Whether your need is related to business or pleasure travel, there are options from which to choose. Some of those options include:

  • Trip Interruption
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Lost Baggage
  • Accident and Dismemberment

Travel insurance is made available to individuals and businesses as well. Business owners can purchase a policy that will cover frequent travelers as well as frequent trips in a 12-month period.

American Health and Life Insurance Company’s Life Plans

This insurer also offers life insurance products, which may include annuities. You have a selection of whole or universal life, which has a death benefit and a savings option. Your savings options will allow you to borrow from it in the event of a hardship.

Term life policies offer a simple death benefit, and are usually for twice the amount offered on a whole or universal life policy. There are also variable plans available as well. These plans combine annuities and life options.

Whatever your need, American Health and Life has a plan of protection for you. Your agent is always ready to take your questions or modify your policy. Rather than a Financial Health Insurance Company of America policy, why not try an American Health and Life Insurance Company. Since there is no company website, all business transaction has to be done in person or by phone.

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