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Family Heritage Health Insurance Company of America

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

A Family Heritage Health Insurance Company of America review determined this to be an Ohio company that was started over twenty years ago by Howard Lewis, the company’s current President, and CEO. Although the company is called Family Heritage Life Insurance Company of America, this supplemental insurer actually specializes in health insurance policies.

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Family Heritage has earned a B++ (Good) from A.M. Best, the most highly regarded insurance rating organization. There are others such as:

  • Moody

It just happens that A.M. Best focuses on the insurance industry and therefore has performed thousands of ratings on insurance companies alone. Since 1989, Family Heritage has built a financial strength that places them in a good ranking among similar types of insurers.

Family Heritage Health Insurance

This supplement company is different from your major carriers in that the Family Heritage niche is made up of insurance products that may be more incident specific. This type of policy also pays to you instead of doctors, hospitals, or lawyers. It is good to have when you end up paying expenses that you did not anticipate in the event of an accident or hospitalization.

A Family Heritage health policy is available for specific conditions that may not be accounted for in your HSA or health savings account. Some examples might be as follows:

  • Cancer
  • Accidents
  • Heart Attack
  • Stroke
  • ICU

Whenever there is a serious accident or emergency such as a heart attack or stroke, a stay in the ICU or Intensive Care Unit may be inevitable. These expenses can become overwhelming.

Cancer patients are covered for the added expenses of chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, second opinions, and similar concerns. From the point of what is called the “First Occurrence” or the point of diagnosis, a specific claim form is used. This establishes a claims file for cancer patients. No claim form is necessary for cancer screenings.

In this case, the check is also sent directly to you, the policyholder. This way of doing business cuts away the red tape involved with insurance companies when you need it most. There are certain limitations including states where these benefits are not available or may vary.

Regardless of any other type of insurance you may already have, Family Heritage is available as a supplemental source of income. One of the most attractive incentives to acquiring this supplemental coverage is the Return of Premium program. This program entitles the policyholder to a return of your premiums minus any payouts received from claim filings.

Family Heritage: Claims Filing

Filing claims is easy when doing business with the Family Heritage customer service staff. The company places a lot of emphasis on the importance of good customer service. You can call or email the customer service department during normal business hours.

For early detection screenings, policyholders just have to send the bill or receipt to the designated PO address for the claims department. For other claim forms, you can write or call customer service and they will send a form out to you. Subscribers must include a brief explanation of the claim.

Family Heritage: Reviews

The company won the “Stevie Award” at the ninth Annual American Business Awards. The Better Business Bureau issued Family Heritage its highest rating deeming it a good company in which to do business. Despite these accolades however, according to an online market source, a Family Heritage supplement policy may not be a good investment for everyone.

It is designed for people with major medical coverage already, and to some that means it is unnecessary unless one of the subscribers become seriously ill or is in a major accident where the expense is going to be more than what the standing amount of coverage allows. Who can really predict that? Then the return of premiums is only extended without penalty every 25 years.

Family Heritage in the Community

This company has several community charities that receive its money. They believe in giving back to the community in addition to philanthropic efforts to help others. These are some of their favorites:

  • Race for the Cure
  • Wigs for Kids
  • American Heart Association
  • St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

They also contribute to several other charities to include the American Red Cross.

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