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What’s the income limit for Obamacare?

Start comparing health insurance rates now by using our FREE tool above! Obamacare offers health insurance plans through sixteen state exchanges and the federal website Anyone can shop there regardless of income. However, certain cost savings are limited by income. Income can be too high or too low to get these benefits. Comparison Shopping […]

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What is the deadline for Obamacare enrollment?

Open Enrollment for New and renewed Coverage Obamacare opens once per year for enrollment and renewal of health insurance. Each year, insurance companies prepare plans and prices for health care coverage. Once approved, the state exchanges and offer these plans to consumers on the health insurance exchanges. When reviewing Obamacare plans, consumers should use […]

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What is Obamacare, exactly?

Obamacare is the common name for the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (the ACA). It was a major new health care reform law that regulated health insurance and gave millions of Americans easier access to health care services. Obamacare changed the range of choices for Americans. Comparison shopping is the best way to find if […]

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