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C.P.A. Health Insurance Company

This C.P.A. Health Insurance company review concerns the C.P.A. Insurance Company of West Bloomfield, Michigan. It should not be confused with California-based CAMICO, which offers various professional liability insurance policies for certified public accountants. It also should not be confused with a small handful of companies around the country that offers specialized health insurance products to certified public accountants. C.P.A. Insurance Company is a separate entity by itself.

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C.P.A. Insurance Company is a relatively new player to the market, having been established in 2001. It is not clearly known exactly what type of insurance products the company offers because of the fact that their website is currently under construction.

Certain business records indicate they are a casualty Company; a designation implying that their focus would be on business lines and/or personal lines of insurance such as life, health, long-term care, disability, and umbrella coverage. Because their website is not yet available and business review sites do not provide any information, most of this review will be based on assumptions that are normal for the industry.

C.P.A. Insurance Company Locations and Agents

Our research through several different business review sites turned up only a single address for C.P.A. Insurance Company in Michigan. The address and contact information is as follows:

C.P.A. Insurance Company
5600 West Maple Suite D417
West Bloomfield, MI 48322
Phone: (248) 539-1675
Toll Free: (800) 432-8245

All indications are that C.P.A. is probably either a local agency in the West Bloomfield area or a regional insurance provider possibly covering Michigan and some neighboring states. Assuming this the case, they probably do not utilize local agents to sell and service their products. A more likely scenario is that all policies are sold directly through their West Bloomfield office, either over the phone or through their eventual website.

If they are a local agency, it is most likely that they represent a handful of national insurance carriers along several different lines. Where health insurance is concerned, examples of companies they might represent include Blue Shield, Aetna, and United Healthcare. Of course, all of this is speculation. You can discover for yourself exactly what C.P.A. Insurance Company provides by calling them at one of the numbers listed above.

C.P.A. Insurance Company Claims

Assuming what we know about the structure of C.P.A. Insurance Company, it seems reasonable that even if you had a health insurance policy through them, they would not directly address your claims. Any health insurance policies they provide will be set up under one of two models: direct billing or third-party billing.

Under the direct billing, model customers would make their co-payment at the time of service and never get involved in the financial transaction beyond that. The insurance company would be billed directly by the healthcare provider and they would settle the finances between them.

With third-party billing, consumers pay for services when rendered, unless alternative arrangements have been made, then file a claim with the insurance company for reimbursement. Whether C.P.A. Insurance Company is a local agency or regional carrier, their health insurance policies will probably be underwritten by a national carrier to whom you would send claim forms. The national carrier would review the claim and reimburse you accordingly.

C.P.A. Insurance Company Financials

We searched some of the leading financial services ratings companies like A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s, but were unable to find ratings for C.P.A. This indicates that they are probably either a privately owned regional carrier or a local agency. A publicly owned carrier would be much more likely to have published ratings regardless of their size. Nonetheless, we were able to locate what appear to be financial filings from last year.

Those filings indicate that C.P.A. Insurance Company is doing financially well. The records list total assets of $17.8 million, a policy surplus of $2.08 million, and working capital of $14.9 million. These numbers suggest that C.P.A. is probably a regional carrier. These same records list business insurance, health insurance, and supplemental job protection coverage as part of C.P.A.’s product line.

C.P.A. Insurance Company Careers

Candidates who might be interested in a career with C.P.A. Insurance Company are encouraged to contact them using information provided above. A visit to their website shows that it is still under construction, with no anticipated date of completion.

When it is completed, we assume they will have full contact information at the very least. They might include a careers link that would provide current job postings and instructions on filling a resume. They may even provide an online job posting and recruitment platform.

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