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AARP Health Insurance Company

Dino Christoforakis
Dino Christoforakis

Editor in Chief & Licensed Insurance Agent.

The AARP Health Insurance Company is widely known as the insurer for the American Association of Retired Persons. They have many divisions including AARP Insurance Company, AARP Magazine, and the AARP Foundation. This organization was established over 50 years ago with the goal of helping people over the age of 50 live life to the fullest. They have continually been on the forefront of changing how Americans view retirement and retired people. They believe that retirement is just the beginning.

With this in mind, the AARP Insurance Company is continually working to make health care affordable for those over the age of 50. Their insurance division is one of the most used benefits of the organization. This is not only because of the health care products they offer, but also because of the simple way the options are explained to members. Knowing a little bit about the health care plans offered, will help you decide if this insurance provider is right for you.

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Types of AARP Health Insurance Plans

The insurance plans are divided into plans for those under 65 and those 65 and over. These plans are for medical coverage. They also offer plans for long term care, dental, vision, prescription, fitness incentives, and medical supplies. It should be noted that AARP itself does not sell the insurance. It is issued by United HealthCare Insurance Company through AARP. In order to apply for coverage through AARP, you must be a member of the organization.

AARP Health Plans For Those Ages 50-64

There are four insurance plans for those ages 50-64. AARP Essential Premier Health Insurance is the major medical insurance offering coverage for doctor’s visits, hospitalization, emergency room visits, lab work, medical tests, and x-rays. This insurance plan is the most comprehensive for this age group, but is not available in every state. Essential Premier Health Insurance can also be used as a supplement to other insurance. It provides basic benefits, has vision coverage and prescription drug discounts. This plan will also provide coverage for dependents and a spouse.

AARP Essential Plus Insurance is a low cost option when comprehensive coverage is too costly. This plan is a hospital indemnity plan with a fixed-cash benefit that is enhanced. This means that the plan reimburses the insured for qualifying medical costs but does not arrange for the medical care. The rate is generally fixed so you know what coverage to expect and what out of pocket expenses may arise. Because the plan is enhanced, it offers more options when it comes to choosing a physician, hospital, or specialist. If these types of options are important to you, this plan may be the right choice for you.

This plan can also be used as a supplement, if you have an insurance plan that falls short of giving you the coverage you want. The benefit of this plan is that it is a low cost option; however it may not cover some of the medical care that you need. Within the plan, there is some flexibility as to rates and what coverage can be received. It too includes, vision, prescription, and dependent/spouse coverage.

The third plan offered is AARP Essential Health Insurance. This plan is similar to the Essential Plus plan without the enhanced benefits. It covers basic needs such as routine doctor’s visits and hospital needs. It does not have the same flexibility as some of the other plans but still offers some low cost coverage.

The last plan for this age group is AARP Hospital Indemnity Insurance. This is meant to be a supplement only. It is for people who already have some other coverage through a job, pension plan, or spouse but need additional coverage that is cost effective. It too offers fixed-cash benefits.

AARP Health Insurance Plans For Those 65 And Older

For those 65 and older the insurance plans change somewhat. This is because at age 65 Americans become eligible for Medicare through the Federal Government. These plans are designed only for those who are eligible for Medicare in order to provide the most coverage at an affordable price.

AARP MedicareComplete is the most comprehensive of the plans for those 65 and over. This plan covers everything that is covered under Medicare. But, in addition to this, it provides fitness benefits and coverage for prescription drugs. Also, this plan does not have limitations on pre-existing conditions so transitioning to this coverage can go smoothly no matter what pre-existing conditions you may have.

The next plan for this age group is AARP Medicare Supplement. This plan is very basic. Its purpose is to supplement what is already covered by Medicare and to provide coverage for some of the medical situations not covered by Medicare. Depending on your medical needs, adding this plan may cost less than what you would pay out of pocket without having this coverage.

The last plan in this age group is AARP MedicareRx. This plan is solely to provide for prescription drug coverage. Though some prescription drug coverage is provided under Medicaid, not all prescriptions are covered. This can leave those who are 65 and older with difficult choices when it comes to filling prescriptions. AARP MedicareRx can help offset some of the cost of prescriptions making it easier to get the medication you need when you need it.

Additional AARP Health Insurance Coverage Options

AARP also offers additional coverage for both age groups. AARP Long Term Care Insurance offers protection for those who do not want to be forced to use their retirement savings to pay for long term care in the future should the need arise. AARP Dental Insurance offers basic dental coverage for common procedures only. It gives you the flexibility to choose your own dentist. AARP Vision Insurance offers discounts on lenses, contacts, frames, and exams. AARP Prescription Discount Program allows you to get prescription drugs at a discounted rate at your local pharmacy or through the mail.

In additional to these coverage options, AARP offers fitness incentives through discounts to fitness facilities along with tips on how to stay healthy at any age. If you need medical supplies AARP Medical Supply Services can arrange for home delivery on some supplies that are covered under Medicare.

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Choosing insurance when you are over 50 can seem like a daunting task. However, AARP Health Insurance offers many options for coverage. You can use the comparison tool on the page to compare rates and coverage right now to find a plan that is right for you. You can also contact an independent agent with any questions you may have. So enjoy the retirement years with peace of mind that your health needs will be covered at a price you and you family can afford. Take less than a minute to type your zip code above and start getting quotes from top health insurance providers today!

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