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How has the evolution of health insurance companies progressed?

The biggest way that the evolution of health insurance companies has progressed is that there are a lot more health insurance options. Not only is there more variety of benefits offered, but there are a lot more companies as well. You can do a comparison of health insurance quotes right now by typing your ZIP […]

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Do health insurance companies drug test their policyholders?

Health insurance companies do not normally drug test their policyholders. In fact, health insurance policies often do not require much testing at all, particularly for employer-based health plans. Individual health insurance plans may ask more questions about general health and health history, but even they do not often require an examination or testing. Are you […]

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Do health insurance companies share information about their clients?

Even the top health insurance companies can and do share information about their clients at times. They also get information about their clients from other sources, especially in regards to underwriting. This being said, there is a limit as to who health insurance companies and providers can share your information with, thanks to the privacy […]

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Are there any discount health insurance companies?

Despite what you may have heard, there are no discount health insurance companies. Giving a discount implies the same goods or services provided at a lower price. Health insurance companies claiming to be discounters do not provide the same common health insurance benefits. Don’t let the high cost of health insurance scare you- search for […]

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Why do quotes from different health insurance companies vary so much?

Health insurance quotes from various companies can be drastically different, as you may have noticed, due to the way premiums are calculated. Not every health insurance company will qualify you for coverage with the same formula or gives the same value to all types of conditions. Different groups of people in different geographic locations have […]

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Can I find just dental health insurance companies?

If your employer sponsored health plan does not combine dental and health insurance coverage, it is possible to purchase your own plan through a company that offers dental health insurance  coverage. But experts warn consumers to be careful about these plans and what they offer. It’s not uncommon to purchase a dedicated dental plan only […]

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Are some known corrupt health insurance companies still in business?

Health insurance companies are looking to make a profit. In order to do that, some companies take extreme measures and place loopholes in their policies in order to not have to pay the claims submitted by consumers. Unfortunately, there are some scam health insurance companies. To research health insurance rates simply enter your ZIP code […]

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Where can I compare long term health insurance companies?

Knowing where and how to compare long term care health insurance companies doesn’t have to be difficult. It can be time consuming, but it’s worth finding the right company to work with rather than finding one that works against you. To research health insurance rates for long term health insurance you can enter your ZIP […]

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